There is so much negative news about America. Your podcast is my go-to every weekend to uplift my spirits and renew my faith that there are plenty of people, like me, that truly love this country! Let freedom ring! Thank you and God bless.


I love to hear you speak about our country and its history, with so much love and enthusiasm, it makes me ashamed that you know more about it than I do! Keep up the good work and prayers for you and your family.


Everyone in this media has an opinion. Not everyone backs that up with the cornerstone of principles. If you want honesty regardless of the fallout, then “Freedoms Disciple” is your podcast. Top-notch in every way.


If you need a clear perspective on what happening in America 2021. Mr. Dunne is an inspiration for us all!! STAY POSITIVE AMERICANS & FIGHT FOR FREEDOM!!


This man has been doing it the right way, trying to become a LEGAL AMERICAN. And now he’s here. He has an awesome way to remind us how great America really is. People have never been out of this country have no idea what it’s really like outside OUR borders.


Love this podcast! If we would just welcome people like you into our country with open arms, and make the process much fairer and more reasonable, we would be an even greater country than we are! Think about it AMERICA!!!


I love this podcast. Been listening from the beginning. Gives Americans a refreshing perspective on our country.


I wish people on both sides of the political spectrum would listen to this show with an open mind and heart. I am so glad my wife turned me on to this show. Jonathon Dunne who isn’t even an American has a love for this country that we Americans take for granted. We really need to open our eyes and realize that the future of this country is at stake. Keep doing what you’re doing, and we will keep listening!


Thanks again, your deprecating way and the topics you cover are great. Can’t wait for next week. Don’t forget to add your French accent when you start your podcast. That always puts a smile on my face. As the saying goes in America.”, keep on Trucking.


Great podcast Jonathan! You are on target. I appreciate your point of view. Keep up the podcasts!


I ran across this podcast in the recommendation section and I’m very pleased! I thoroughly enjoyed it, but one of the emails you read & answered about being too principled. Don’t Listen to It, Don’t Ever Let Go of Your Principles; I was glad to hear you shut that down…how & why anyone would and/or could is beyond me! It’s a good character trait & one of the many that set us apart from the demons in the D’Party! If we all dropped them, we’d blend in with The Wild, Wild Left~ Umm, no thank you!! Keep up the good work & God Bless You & Yours & God Bless the U.S. of A!


Always honest, principled, thought-provoking, and entertaining. Please keep up the great work!


Jon appreciates American values and its foundation. He is simple, funny, brutally honest and open. What a refreshing perspective from a good man. Thanks for everything Jon.


It’s inspirational to hear someone who believes in the fundamental goodness and positive nature of the founding and purpose of the USA.


Love you, Jonathon! Stay strong with your purpose and insight on the United States.


I love John’s point of view and knowledge of the original foundations of this country. He has really helped to motivate me to learn more about America, its founding documents and where I stand on many issues. Definitely one of the better ones online.


Principals – That’s what the show is all about and he’s one of the best at it. No sides here just the founding principles that built this great nation. Great listen


His love for our country while not even being able to live here is inspirational. I love what he shares


I do not always agree but Jonathan breaks everything down in the most logical way anyone can. This makes the discussion much deeper and yet more simple. He is a genius.


Great podcast about the founding principles of America! Something every conservative, libertarian, and classic liberal can enjoy!


Love this guy! A great insight into America’s current view on principles. He is not just another talking head. He does his work. Glad to call this guy my brother! 🙂


Jonathan is always on target, and a great patriot even though he is an Irish subject. Also, proud to have met him in person and call him a friend and brother!


Jonathan has one of the best podcasts I’ve heard in a long time! He focuses on the principles of the issues being discussed, not partisan politics. These principles are what define us, and we need to be reminded of them from time to time, especially when it’s so easy to get wrapped up in team mentality and take sides. We need more people like him in America! Thank you, Jonathan, for giving a piece of yourself to us each week! God Bless!


Jonathon has helped me realize I have taken the freedoms this country allows for granted. I know this American will be brushing up on my history. I’m Inspired to learn more about the history and future of our greatness.


Common sense is rare these days!  I learn a lot from this guy. He makes sense and makes you think. I hope he gets to move to America. It is sad that someone like him can’t get here but others who have no respect for our laws and values arrive daily.


If you want to hear thoughtful commentary on the founding principles of the USA, then this is the podcast for you! Jonathan keeps it up and I hope you make it to the states permanently ASAP!


Extremely appreciative of Jonathan’s take of America as someone who really loves the country and its principles. I truly hope he achieves his goal of becoming an American. We need him.


This guy knows more about the US than most Americans. Great accent too.


Jonathon is truly an amazing man. I learn more about the US Constitution from one of his podcasts than I’ve learned in years of school (and I really enjoy his funny accent)!


Jonathon talks about things you did not learn in school (unless you’re as old as me), but that he’s studied and pondered from across the pond. Your government does not have to be led by a despot to still effectively take away your God-given rights. Ireland is one example.


Come for the accent, stay for the principles. I only wish he published more frequently, but I’ll take my weekend fix. 🙂


Jonathan knows our Constitution better than most Americans. He stands on principles, which is what I like. This is a podcast people should check out! Great job Jonathan!


This is a never miss podcast for me! Great job, Jonathan!


Came across this show by chance and began listening. I have been going back and listening to previous episodes. I have enjoyed what he presents and am often challenged to reexamine my own thinking. Jonathon is not telling us what to think, but rather presents his ideas and asks the listener to think. I love being given the opportunity to consider new or different viewpoints. I look forward to where he goes from here.


Jonathan is a rare breed these days – an unapologetic endorser of principle and honor. In a world that sees America as a land of greed and evil, Jonathan sees her for what she truly is – the last best hope and the city on a hill – even if she cannot see it as clearly anymore. A true patriot, his thoughts and ideals are worth paying attention to.


He could not be more accurate, “You’ll come for the accent and stay for the principles.” In the daily drudge of politics and choosing sides, it is refreshing and re-centering to get back to principles. Jonathan reminds us to be our best selves, as Americans.


Great perspective from someone who loves America and the constitution.


From the views of our founders and the conservative spirit of America, you will learn how to think more like a true American and how to think to save your country. Really love the show, truly enlightening!


Jonathon gives a pep talk and drives passion into our hearts. He reminds us to be proud to be Americans. Thank you, Jonathon!!


He knows and understands the constitution more than a lot of people that have lived their entire life in the U.S. He will make a great American and I hope that happens for him very soon!! I also have to admit, I absolutely love Jonathon’s accent!!


I get so much out of every show.


Jonathan speaks to the average Joe in a language easy to understand. His morally and America-centered show sounds like a cross-section of middle US “real people” (minus the obviously cool Irish accent). Cannot wait to see how his show evolves!


I really enjoy Freedoms Disciple. I found this via The Steve Deace Show!


Thank you for bringing your insight from afar about America’s qualities. We have our issues, but we are a shining light of hope. I have learned many history lessons listening to you and look forward to each podcast. It’s a great way to hear the topics through the lens of someone who loves America as much as we do from another perspective. The Blaze is blessed to have you.


Refreshing Perspective – I enjoy hearing about Jonathon’s devotion to freedom. Carry on!


Mr. Dunne’s weekly podcast is thoroughly researched, and topics are expertly discussed. The emphasis on principles is more reality-driven than theoretical. And who can resist it all given to you in that Irish accent? All around great option for people looking for thoughtful discussion!


Highly recommended for anyone that enjoys thought-provoking questions or is looking to get into politics. Jonathon does a fantastic job of breaking down complex issues into principles that are easy to understand.


Jonathon Dunne is a brilliant icon of the very ethos of what Americans should be and used to be. He’s a remarkable Constitutionalist, Conservative, Historian, and logical voice in a cacophony of liberal chaos and disinformation. Listen to his reason and critical analyses of the issues at hand. You won’t be disappointed.


American culture politics and principles with the benefit of perspective and the insulation of not being subject the caprice of American big brother.


I really appreciate the insight of Mr. Dunne. He is the one I listen to every week. I look forward to his new shows.


Every time I hear Jonathan, I am grateful. He understands the idea of America and its implications more than many American citizens. I pray that he will find a way to fulfill his dream to be part of us!


Great show! Very interesting and compelling arguments.


This guy has a zest for freedom and liberty that a lot of Americans lack. He reminds us how lucky we are, which also reminds us of our responsibilities as citizens. This is your pep-talk America!


As an American, I admire I often forget why this country is so great. Hearing from an Irishman longing to be an American citizen is educational. Jonathon reminds all of us why America is great.


O Johnny Boy…. What an incredible find. The Blaze, Mercury One, Mr. Beck, and whomever thank you so much for getting Dunne on the podcast. His insight, knowledge, and just overall views on life in America, and Ireland are spot on. It is amazing how his talks can be related to all different parts of my life. Find a way to get you on more.


Thank you, John, for your unique perspective from across the pond. Your voice bolsters the values that make America exceptional.


So, refreshing to hear someone who WANTS to be an American while most of us take it for granted and continue to squander our chance to keep our freedom. You won’t be disappointed with this podcast.


This is a wonderful podcast that will make you think, fill you with hope and emotion, and surely help you to learn. Jonathon Dunne doesn’t give you the answers to today’s questions, he guides you to your own ideas and solutions.


Just heard Jonathan Dunne on The Glenn Beck Program and he was awesome. Also started listening to his podcasts he’s a true patriot that believes in America.


Jonathon Dunne (Freedom’s Disciple) is an American patriot in an Irishman’s body. You will very much enjoy his keen knowledge & perspective on American & world politics, faith issues & more.


It is highly recommended you listen to Jonathon Dunne. An Irishman with a highly enlightened perspective on America and its history. His knowledge about America, the founders, and insights into how America was founded, will impress even the most ardent patriot out there. Subscribe, Download, and Share this remarkable audio treat!