Public Speaking

An Irishman who loves America & America’s Founding Documents


As a political writer, inspiring speaker, and host on The Blaze, Jonathon Dunne has reached millions with his message of American exceptionalism and highlighting the freedoms America was built on and why you are different to the rest of the world.

Born and raised in socialist Ireland, his lifelong dream is to live free and become an American citizen the legal way. While he has waited in line for an opportunity for 15 years, he has spent years volunteering his services on both sides of the ocean. He has worked closely with poorer communities in Dublin and has seen first-hand that not all poverty is financial and that an oppressive government can cause poverty of hope and opportunity that crushes the spirit of its people.

Dunne is a strong and positive voice who is very hopeful for the future of America at a time of political uncertainty when those who love liberty must work harder than ever to protect our eternal, self-evident principles that are the last best hope for the world.

Speaking Topics

  • The IDEALS of America – Making the impossible, possible!
  • Trilogy of Freedom (Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights) and solutions they provide today
  • Role of Faith in your founding
  • Free Market Economics
  • Personal Immigration story and highlighting the real problems with your current system

Speaking Fee


If you are a rural political group or a college group and never pay for speakers, I speak for free.

If you are a larger group and have a speaking budget for the year, I ask you to make a donation to Mercury One or Operation Underground Railroad.

Prior Speaking

You can also see links to prior speeches below:

2017 YAL North Carolina – General (Start at the 9-minute mark)

2017 Alabama – General (FB Live)

2017 Ohio – Faith-Based (Start at 46-minute mark)

2017 Tulsa, OK – General (FB Live)

2016 Texas Speech

To book Jonathon for an upcoming event, please email me at [email protected]