A Rallying Call For FREEDOM Lovers!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Let’s work together to make 2020 a year Freedom becomes cool again 🙂

In the first episode of the year from America’s Favorite Irishman, Jonathon discusses the future of America, Iran & the media, the lesson everyone can learn from Ricky Gervais, and a history lesson on failure. You can listen to the show for FREE without adverts on all major podcast platforms.

Show Highlights

Future of America

New year, New ME…. How many times do we hear people say this as they make countless resolutions to be “better”? This mindset is very healthy as it highlights a key difference between people today – do you see an opportunity for yourself to be better or do you accept things the way they are and have no hope to improve them? This question is also very apt for America as we enter 2020 – do we approach it with hope or despair? And where does that hope come from?

I believe 2020 is a critical year for America and will provide amazing opportunities, and it has NOTHING to do with elections. This year is the 400th anniversary of your pilgrims arriving in Plymouth and I believe this can provide us an opportunity to remember your amazing history and explain to people exactly why you are an exceptional and unique nation.

Iran & the Media

The coverage of Iran in the media and online has been nothing short of sickening. How tragic is it that people from all political backgrounds cannot come together and say the Iranian government is an evil despotic regime and feel sorrow for their people who live under the constant fear of death if they speak out? The media has been particularly horrific as they covered the funeral, shared Iranian talking points and one of your networks let Iranian state TV stream on their platform – this is vile, disgusting and makes me sick. HOWEVER, take a step back and ask yourself what is the history of the media? This is the same media who were silent on Hitler, who delivered defeat in Vietnam and write glowing puff pieces on people like Che and Chavez? So should we be surprised they are silent on Iran?

Ricky Gervais

Last weekend Ricky Gervais hosted the Golden Globes and I think he may have broken the internet as people either loved his epic takedown of Hollywood or were disgusted with him and thought he was a pompous brit who needs to be destroyed. Whether you love or hate him, his speech thought us one lesson and it is critical if we are to survive as a civil society.


Failure has become a dirty word in society today as people everywhere do everything they can to avoid it. However failure is a GOOD thing and we should never be afraid of it, especially if you are an American. I want to share some of America’s history on failing and also do my best to inspire you with words from both Thomas Paine and Winston Churchill.

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