Quid Pro Quo, Lady Liberty & The American Flag

In the latest installment from America’s Favorite Irishman, Jonathon discusses the answer to Quid Pro Quo, Is justice blind?, gift taxes are immoral, What does the American Flag stand for? You can listen to the show for FREE without adverts on all major podcast platforms.

Show Highlights

Quid Pro Quo

The whole debate surrounding the latest attempt to impeach Donald Trump is based around the allegation of a “quid pro quo” with Ukraine. If you follow your founding principles, I want to pitch you an answer to this allegation and I would love to hear from you on ways the left could attack this and turn it against the President.

Gift Taxes

The government loves to find ways to take more of your money and ensure everyone pays their “fair share”. I want to share a story with you from Ireland about how an “evil rich” man wanted to give a gift to his family and the result was the government stealing €91,575 from “poorer people”. Who will make the case against these immoral taxes?

American Flag

I have loved America for over 25 years and during that time I have seen Americans show varying different emotions toward the American flag. Sadly many people attach their feelings to who is President and holds political power. I want to share three stories based around the American flag and ask you did it matter who was President when they happened.

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