Addressing The Left’s Claim that “America Sucks”!!!

In the latest installment from America’s Favorite Irishman, Jonathon discusses America’s dark days, tyranny’s common theme, am I an anarchist?, and explains why inheritance tax is Immoral. You can listen to the show for FREE without adverts on all major podcast platforms.

Show Highlights

America’s Dark Days

I love American history because it is so diverse and filled with lessons of man at its finest and at its worst. Our friends on the left love to promote how America sucks, but they never look beyond that fancy put down. I want to share some stories about America’s dark days with you. I also want to share some of the world’s dark days with you and let us see if we can find a common theme running thru-out all the examples. In totally unrelated news, a group of 1100 scientists signed a letter about the world’s population and only good things will come from it – trust me ;).

Am I an Anarchist?

When I break down society and highlight the problems with government, the easiest (and maybe most popular) gut reaction I get is so are you for anarchy then? The answer is NO, I am not even close. I am proudly for the system of nature’s law and nature’s God and a system of government which America came close to perfecting – the idea that government should be rare, but when government does have a role it must be as close to the people as possible – i.e. Federalism.

Inheritance Tax

If we are to live in free times again, we must break down policies that are accepted as “normal” today by both sides of the aisle. Today I want to explain why I believe the inheritance tax is immoral and why it should be repealed.

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