Where’s MY Safe Place???

In the latest installment from America’s Favorite Irishman, Jonathon discusses the war on savings, lessons from the Joker movie, responding to a listener, and more crazy Irish politics. You can listen to the show for FREE without adverts on all major podcast platforms.

Show Highlights

War on Savers

If you are fiscally responsible and believe in saving money, its time to realize you are under constant attack by the federal government and things could get a LOT worse with recent policy proposals from candidates like Elizabeth Warren who are now proposing a wealth tax. What will this mean for you?

Joker Movie

The media around the world has panned the new Joker movie as everything from excessively violent to a movie for “Incel’s”. I went to see the joker and I can confirm it is nothing more than the usual media spin and fake news. While the movie is GREAT (and I highly recommend it), it is a movie that is very hard to enjoy because there is no clear cut good guy to root for. There is also another valuable lesson in this movie and it revolves around how we treat people.

Crazy Irish Politics

There are many reasons why I work hard to promote your founding principles. They are the answer to the craziness of politics around the world which are based around nothing more than popular opinion. Ireland today has a homeless problem and everyone is asking the government to solve it. Could it even be possible that some of the government policies are making the situation worse?

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