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In the latest installment from America’s Favorite Irishman, Jonathon discusses recent horrific court rulings, hate crimes, how you WIN and societal advancements. You can listen to the show for FREE without adverts on all major podcast platforms.

Show Highlights

Horrific Court Rulings

What is the job of a court? Would it be a good idea for courts to operate (where possible) to first do no harm? Courts are now ruling on cases that will affect kids for the rest of their lives even when it is clear to anyone the ruling is wrong. Last week a court in England ruled for a mother to gain full custody of kids when the judge said in his ruling the father was a good guy and a court in Texas ruled that a young boy can change his gender and the father must pay for it.

Hate Crime

What is a hate crime? Should there be a legal punishment if you commit one? I want to share a story from the UK, where a guy agreed to pay a female for “relations” but pulled out when they found out one critical detail about this lady. This lady is now seeking to sue the guy on the grounds of it being a hate crime. What do you think and where is the line if you believe there in hate crime legislation?

Societal Advancements

Who won the Cold War? It was the American people because simply put a free man will always be more creative and imaginative than a man who is a serf to some master. Our world today faces many problems, but thru the imagination of creative people, we are also doing things today that never seemed possible. I want to share a couple of those stories but also offer a warning that while technology can make our lives “easier” it does not come without risk.

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