America At A Tipping Point??? A Case for Optimism

In the latest installment of Freedoms Disciple via The Blaze Media, Jonathon discusses America being at a tipping point, Addressing China, Why life is precious, Crazy Irish politics. You can listen to the show for FREE without adverts on all major podcast platforms.

Show Highlights

America at a Tipping Point

Today it is more important than ever for Americans to remember they’re amazing history. Today I want to dig deep into the history vault and remind you of why exactly Malcolm X lost and Rev MLK won. America is at a similar tipping point right now and if Americans follow those principles you will WIN and restore America to your founding principles.

Addressing China

If America is going to return to being an exceptional nation, I believe you must speak clearly when it comes to both liberty and tyranny. China is one of the worst countries in the history of the world. Its history is filled with murder, rape, abuse, forced internment, and forced an abortion. The Chinese government has no redeeming qualities or any to admire. This raises some question for members of American society:

  • President Trump recently tweeted congratulations to China – what exactly are you saying congrats for?
  • NBA cowards – How does it feel to be spineless when you love to speak out on Trump, yet silent on China?
  • Elizabeth Warren – She recently spoke out about China, but compare your policies to theirs – how are your’s any better?

Why Life is Precious

Last week, there was a heartbreaking story from Europe in which a baby was born still-born and started to move. Instead of giving the baby care and attention they placed it in a fridge as they had already registered the baby as dead. As you can imagine this story has sparked outrage and two doctors are facing jail. If you are pro-life and believe abortion is wrong, we need to find a way to tap into the emotions of this story and explain how they are both the same.

Crazy Irish Politics

Time for a personal rant and to explain why politicians around the world drive me crazy. For the last two years, every Irish politician has been running around every media outlet saying how bad Brexit could be for the Irish economy and how it will cost jobs. Last week the Irish government, released its budget for 2020 and increased taxes on something that will negatively affect every person and every business living in Ireland.

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