Society Seeks Confirmation Bias… NOT Honest Discussion

In the latest installment of Freedoms Disciple via The Blaze Media, Jonathon discusses seeking our confirmation bias, Greta addresses Congress, Foreign Policy and Trump v California. You can listen to the show for FREE without adverts on all major podcast platforms.

Show Highlights

Confirmation Bias

When you look around on social media today, do you think people are looking for honest discussion? Or are they simply looking to have their bias confirmed and will insult anyone who does not tell them they are right? This environment is being created and fostered by the media and political class to ensure the American people remain divided and “hate” each other. Is it ever possible to for the “other side” to have merit but simply be wrong about the solutions? Is it okay to agree to disagree?

Greta Address Congress

Last week, Congress welcomed Sweedish sensation Greta Thunberg who is the 16-year-old Climate Change Hero. She asked DC to “unite behind the science” and work to save our planet. When I say work, I really mean compel others to live a certain way and tell them how to drive and what they can eat. Is it possible to be concerned about the planet but seek solutions that don’t involve the government? Can all sides agree that dumping trash in the ocean is not a good thing? Can all sides seek a new solution? How about a company call 4Ocean who clean the ocean and melt the plastic and sell them as bracelets to fund future missions?

Foreign Policy

Another issue that has become impossible to discuss is America’s foreign policy. Are you a Hawk, a neocon or an isolationist? Can we take an honest look at the issues around the world and have a discussion about them without our sides coming out. Should America be involved in these discussions and if so how?

  • The attack on the Saudi Oil Fields and the potential war with Iran
  • How is Saudi Arabia an ally of America?
  • Was Reagan right when he called America’s enemy the evil empire?
  • Indonesia has just passed a law where you can go to jail for having sex outside of marriage and go to prison for being critical of the government(Where is the outrage from the left on this?)
  • America sends bomb-sniffing dogs to Jordan who neglected, abused or let them die. Should America send them more? Spoiler – y’all did :(.

Trump v California

A new battle is brewing between the Trump administration and California over EPA standards. After Trump pulled America from the Paris agreement, California decided to enforce their own standards for “clean air and clean water”. This week, the Trump administration revoked this power so America “can produce far less expensive cars”. While you may agree with the policy of the Trump administration, there are a couple of important questions to consider first:

  • Where is this power in Article 2?
  • What about states rights and federalism? Would you be okay with a liberal telling a Conservative state what they can do?

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