“USA Will Never Be Socialist”. GREAT!!! What Will You Be??

Jonathon is back from his trip to America, and in the latest installment of the Freedoms Disciple podcast via Tha Blaze Media, he celebrates with his friends on the Right who are declaring America will never be a socialist nation. However he has one critical question – what will you be? He also breaks down the key issues of the day including Border Crisis funding, paid family leave, free markets are bad and wealth taxes.

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Show Highlights

USA – Never a Socialist Nation

Several weeks ago, President Trump declared America will never be a socialist nation and my friends on the right are celebrating. This is a great soundbite but it does raise a critical question that so many people today avoid – WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU FOR!!! Everyone in this world is great at telling you what they don’t like. Simply look around at media and social media today – right dislikes democrats and the media, and the left dislike the GOP and POTUS.

America’s founding fathers were exceptional for countless reasons – one of the reasons was because of the way they laid out your founding documents. Your founders had 27 issues with the King, but before they shared those with the people, they explained what they were for standing and fighting for – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If the Declaration of Independence was just a list of the grievances of the day, would it still be relevant today? Would it inspire people to act?

Issues of the Day

What does the “right” stand for today? What is the platform to run on? Below are some questions based on recent events to consider:

  • Is the Constitution still relevant today?
  • Do you believe in the structure of the Constitution where all power shall be vested in Congress?
  • Do you believe the government should be limited by Article 1, Section 8 and everything else is for the states?
  • Do you believe the government should be the arbiter of fairness in society?
  • Do you believe the government should be able to tell you how to spend your money?
  • Should you be able to keep the fruits of your labor?

What are you for?

I would encourage each of you to spend some time alone and think about what exactly you are for. I can only speak for myself, but out show on the Blaze Media will always stand for and promote the following principles – the Constitution, limited government, freedom for all, free markets, and encouraging every individual to pursue their happiness and reach their God-given potential.

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