Constitutional or Unconstitutional – That is The Question?

In the latest installment of the Freedoms Disciple podcast via Tha Blaze Media, Jonathon discusses the different foundations to being constitutional, why you don’t need to be an expert, and can Congress abdicate its powers?

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Show Highlights

Constitutional Foundations

We have all heard different people within society and politics claim to be a Constitutionalist – but what does that mean? I want to break down the different foundations of being a Constitutionalist starting with those who are an originalist, constitution plus, legal experts and those who use it for political purposes. Listen in for the criteria and decide what are your foundations.

Congressional Abdication

One of the most popular questions I get is, “Congress has done nothing for so long now, can they abdicate their powers”? The simple answer is NO. The reason is two-fold. The first reason highlights one of the reasons America is an exceptional nation – how your government is set up and where the power lies. If ANY body abdicates its power, you are turning America into just another nation. The second reason is that abdication in effect rewrites the Constitution.  

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