Covington Students’ Story Highlights Society’s Lack of Principles!

In the latest episode of Freedoms Disciple via Tha Blaze, Jonathon discusses the Questions on the Covington students, principles still work in 2019, what to do about the situation in Venezuela, and honoring a great man. You can now listen to the show in full and for FREE on all major platforms.

Show Highlights

Covington Students

Several weeks ago there was an incident on the National Mall between the Black Hebrew Israelites, kids from Covington School and a Native America. The fall-out from this event highlights the complete lack of moral principles in our society today and we must discuss them one by one:

  • Does someone have a right to free speech? Even if it is hateful?
  • Does someone have a right to assemble in a public place and say hateful things?
  • Do we pre-judge situations and assume guilt or innocence depending on how “side”?
  • Which is more important to us in life? To be first or to be right?
  • Where is the honor in the media and reporting?
  • Does anyone care about stolen valor?
  • Weak leadership within the Church and rushing to judgment.


Chaos continues to erupt in Venezuela and we have seen recent developments where America and many countries in Europe have recognized the opposition leader over the elected President. Is this the right course of action? What precedent does this set? Should America get involved? I also want to share a theory with you on why getting involved in this chaos could hurt America in the long term. 

A Great Man
We can learn lessons in life from everyone. Mariano Rivera recently became the first player ever elected unanimously to the Baseball Hall of Fame. You can learn so much from this man (if you overlook the Yankee / evil empire hatred 😉 ). He was kind, humble and soft-spoken. He started his professional career as a starter but was not very successful. He could have let that get to him and fail – instead be accepted it, altered course and became the GOAT Closer and had a magnificent career by perfecting one pitch – the cutter. 


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