Persuasion vs. Pressure vs. Force

In the latest episode of Freedoms Disciple via Tha Blaze, Jonathon discusses the art of persuasion, truth on immigration, and the most motivating word ever!!! You can now listen to the show in full and for FREE on all major platforms.

Show Highlights

Art of Persuasion

There are three main ways to bring our world:

  • You can create an argument for change based on logic, reason, or human emotion and seek to share it with enough people to convince them to act a different way
  • You can pressure or guilt people to act a certain way
  • You can use force to compel people to act

Now take a look around at society today on ALL sides and ask which is being used the most often. Also which is the one you think will work best?


The US government is still shut down over funding for a wall on the southern border, and both sides are blaming the other for the current crisis. Here is some truth for you:

  • Both political parties love illegal immigration. Left for votes, right for cheaper labor.
  • The “RIGHT” sucks when it comes to explaining their position and highlighting the case for LEGAL immigration?
  • Where are the compelling stories of people doing things the right way, the hassle (and cost) they have been thru: Can you imagine sitting in a room with a complete stranger and being asked what type of underwear your wife wears? Yes, that happens!!
  • When Obama had illegal at SOTU, where was the  GOP response? Where was the person who waited in line, did things the right way, left a bad situation, came to America and became free and followed their dreams? NOWHERE 🙁
  • Lastly, what about equality. If you break American laws, you break the laws. Why are some lawbreakers treated differently to others? Why promote other law breakers?
Best Motivational Word EVER

Today it is so easy to listen to negative talk about our lives. We are not good looking, we are not good writers or good at dating. Imagine if I told you one word changes that sentence and turns it into motivation for you – that one word is YET. We are not good looking YET, we are not good writers YET, we are not good at dating YET. This simple three letter word changed my life and if you use it, it can change your world as well. 

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