Crappy Judges, Victims & GREAT Leaders!!!!

In the latest episode of Freedoms Disciple, Jonathon discusses the recent battle between Trump and Roberts and explains who is right, explores victims and losing arguments and shares a story about General Wayne. You can now listen to the show in full and for FREE on all major platforms.

Show Highlights

Trump V Roberts

Over the last week, there has been a war of words between President Trump and Chief Justice John Roberts. The President was unhappy about a verdict out of the 9th District Court and attacked their record and claimed there are Obama Judges. Roberts responded by dismissing this, praised judges for their dedication and judicial independence. So who is right and who is wrong?

While Trump is wrong about the problem being Obama Judges, the sentiment behind the tweet are correct – the 9th circuit has long been a disaster and has made some truly horrific rulings. This is nothing new. The problem, however, is much deeper.

The real problem is everyone in DC (including the White House, Congress, and Judges), the media and a large part of your population either openly ignore or do not know the Constitution.  The Justices on the Court take a similar oath to politicians in DC where they swear to preserve, defend, protect the Constitution. The problem is not Obama judges or Bush judges or even Trump judges – the problem is the court bases the majority of its rulings based on what is called case law or precedent and not what the Constitution actually says. This is not a new problem and truly won’t be solved until the American people demand the Constitution is followed even if it hurts them personally.

Victims & Losing Arguments

Today we love to discuss people and politics – but when was the last time that did not break down into insults and people. I firmly believe the answer is to discuss principles because the world is crying out for them right now. Look at what is happening in France! There are riots in the street and people are unhappy with their government, the state of the economy and taxes especially the global warming tax on fuel. If you were in France, how would you respond? Would you focus on politics and say get Macron out of office? Or would you focus on principles and explain why limited government and the principle of keeping the fruits of your labor is exactly why America is exceptional.

Socialism and big government are becoming more and more popular around the world including America. Socialism has NEVER worked regardless of which side promotes it. It is time to re-introduce America and the world to the eternal principles of freedom because they are the foundation for much of the innovation and lifestyle we enjoy today.

General Wayne

The American Revolutions had many famous battles including Trenton, Yorktown, Saratoga. Sadly there are other battles that have been forgotten or just not as popular. I want to share the story of the Battle of Stony Point with you which was an amazing victory for the Continental Army and ended with one of my favorite sayings that are still relevant today.

The revolutionary war was now in its fourth year and it was the summer of 1779 and the contest was largely a stalemate. Stony Point was considered to be an unassailable “Gibraltar” that not even the great George Washington could defeat. With the help of some intel, Washington found that it had a major weakness and under the leadership of General “MAD” Wayne they led an attack in the dark of night. During the attack, General Wayne was shot and wounded, but his men still rallied and defeated the British. After the victory, General Wayne delayed treatment on his injury to pen a letter to George Washington, and he said: “Our officers and men behaved like men who are determined to be free.” How many today act or are will to sacrifice everything they have determined to be free. I love this story and it is why I created tee-shirt and hoodies with this powerful statement, which can be found here.

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