A Real Case of War on Women & Left are SILENT!!!!

In the latest episode of Freedoms Disciple, Jonathon explores why the story of Asia Bibi is critical, Israel is yet again under attack, and why this my favorite time of year. You can now listen to the show in full and for FREE on all major platforms.

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Asia Bibi

If you listen to the media in America, you will notice how they love to paint everyone on the “right” as racist, sexist, xenophobic and bigoted and you have likely heard the phrase the war on women. Today, I want to tell you a true story which highlights all of these issues, yet the “left” is completely silent on – that story comes from Pakistan and the lady is names Asia Bibi. In 2010 she was sentenced to death and fined $1,100 for the major crime of blasphemy as she was critical of the Mohammed. She has appealed the case and in 2018, the Supreme Court overturned the decision citing inconsistencies in the evidence. There have been major protests in Pakistan over the Supreme Court decision as the people want her hung.  Here you have a woman who is being targeted by groups of (mostly) men, she is not white, and she is being sentenced to death for criticizing religion. Surely she should be the poster child for the “left”. RIGHT? Sadly the media are silent because she is a Catholic and a Christian. 

If this lady gets out of prison, she will likely be murdered. She has applied for a asylum in the United Kingdom and they refused out of fear of their consular staff in Pakistan and because of how some in the UK would respond to it. Simply put the Great British Empire has now become CHICKEN!!!

There are many reasons to care about this story but I believe the most important is the role of America in the world. I believe you are at your best when you are the statue of liberty – holding firm to the principles of right, justice, and freedom and shining your torch for everyone to see and follow your principles based of natures law. America is an exceptional nation because you are the only one to speak about self-evident eternal principles. If America no longer stands and shares those principles, WHO WILL? Britain punted on this case out of fear. Will France? Germany? Canada? This case highlights why America is critical to the cause of freedom and peace on earth because sadly no one else has shown the willingness to stand for true principles.


Over the last couple of weeks, tensions have risen again in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine. The same media who blamed President Trump on the PA attacks and who opening call his supporters and people like me anti-semites will now either be silent or report how evil Israel is. The facts are very rarely reported and if we want peace we have to start explaining the truth to people and calling out evil as we see it. There are three very key things to remember in this conflict:

  • Israel allows people of all faiths into its country and says all people have a right to exist. Palestine under the control of Hamas says all Jews must die as they don’t have a right to exist.
  • Israel has successfully signed two peace for land treaties with both Egypt and Jordan. They used to enemies – now Egypt is involved in trying to help broker peace between the two countries. How many treaties does Palestine have?
  • Hamas which has control of Palestine is a terrorist organisation. 

I would lastly like to ask you a question to reflect on. In 1999, Rana Raslan won the Ms. Israel competition – she is Muslim. How do you think Palestine (or any other Arab country) would react to Ms. Palestine being a Jew. Would they be hailed as a feat in democracy as Israel hailed Raslan.


As we approach the holiday season, I want to explain why I believe America has the trilogy of holidays perfect.

  • You start with Thanksgiving – a day where you give thanks for everything you have right now and gained over the last year.
  • Then Christmas – if you are a Christian you celebrate a savior being born to save you. If not, you give gifts to others including to charity to help others.
  • Lastly, New Year when you look forward and dream of opportunities for the upcoming year and what you hope to achieve.

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