A Rallying Call For Americans

In the latest episode of Freedoms Disciple, Jonathon discusses another horrific mass shooting, a call to action, and remembers the Battle of the Somme. You can now listen to the show in full and for FREE on all major platforms.

Show Highlights

Mass Shooting

Last week, America once again woke to the horrific news of a mass shooting – this time in California. As expected the media did what they always do and went political. They found ways to blame Donald Trump and went straight to the public campaign calling for “common sense” gun control. When will America get serious about what happening and actually start to discuss the problem that is facing both America and the world right now? Some questions to ponder:

  • What section of society ACTS like life is precious and is a gift from our creator?
  • Who sees a person and judges them by the content of their character and their heart? Or do we only care about a label – like what age they are, their race, their gender, who they sleep with, their religion, what party they belong to or how they voted?
  • When we will confront the fact that evil people do evil things and that no laws will stop them?
  • For those that think a gun is a problem in society, how do you explain what’s going on in the UK?
  • If you agree that evil exists, how do we stop it? Empower government or empower the individual?

Call to Action

The most popular question I get from Y’all is some version of “when is it time to fight”? Sadly the people who ask this are looking for the answer of when to physically fight in the street and punch back. My answer is always the same thou – RIGHT NOW! There is never a better time than now to join the fight for freedom and to share the reasons why America is an exceptional nation in a PEACEFUL way.

A couple of weeks ago was one way for y’all to fight – by voting. However, have you noticed something strange about social media? In the run up to the election, people were promoting candidates, doing FB lives at speeches, sharing polls, sharing news about their elections and shared pictures of their yard signs. The election came and went and those vocal people are now back to sharing videos of cats and pictures of the food they eat. Some will be silent until 2020 as that will become the most important election of our lifetime.

Is politics important? YES. Are elections important? YES. But what you do right now, will lay the groundwork for what will be discussed in 2020. How about joining the fight and work to make 2020 about a principle… ANY principle. Here are some suggestions that used to be discussed on the right:

  • The Constitution
  • Difference between A1 & A2 power
  • Article 5
  • Flat tax v Fair Tax
  • Balanced Budgets
  • Federalism

Battle of Somme

It is critical we never ever forgot our history but also the sacrifices made by prior generations. The simple fact is without their sacrifice we would not be here today. Last week marked 100 years since the end of World War 1 and I want to remember the Battle of Somme and imagine the reaction by the world if this battle took place today. Today and every day we salute those who serve and say THANK YOU!!

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