Line Between Self-Defense & Assault

In the latest episode of Freedoms Disciple, Jonathon explores the line between self-defense and assault, discusses a horrible hit piece on Jared Kushner, and shares a miracle story you need to hear. You can now listen to the show in full and for FREE on all major platforms and we are now available on Spotify.

Show Highlights

Self-Defense & Assault

Temperatures are rising in America and emotions are starting to boil over. Over the last few weeks, we have seen a lot of attacks within society. If you continue on this path further violence is going to take place. If it does, Y’all need to have an honest conversation about the principles of self-defense and where that right stops. So two questions need to be asked:

  • If someone attacks you, do you have a right to defend yourself and your property? I believe the answer is YES.
  • The second question is if I attack you, do you now have open season to do anything you want to me in the name of defense? For example, if you knock me to the ground, do you have a right to kick me in the head or the right to get on top of me and start driving your elbow into the top of my skull clearing trying to cause serious injury?

I believe there is a line and I would like to share a personal story with you. Last year I gave 16 speeches in 10 different states and there was only one speech I was worried about my safety. That was in Duke University a mere 2 weeks after they had vandalized and then removed the Robert E Lee statue. Tune in as I explain the prep I made in case a dangerous situation arose. 

Jared Kushner Attacked

The mainstream media love attacking people for no reason. Last week the New York Times wrote a horrible op-ed on Jarred Kushner and the amount of taxes he does not pay. It was the typical hit piece about how he is the son of law of the Devil – i.e. Donald Trump, how is super rich, and how he pays little income tax. This article by itself is nothing unusual, but Americans on all sides of the aisle need to ask themselves one question. If this President or future ones asked you to serve, would you do it? Would you be willing to have your reputation destroyed? Would you be willing to put your family thru the media circus? DC has issues and it will need people of honor, integrity to save your country – but with the path you are on, people are going to start saying thanks, but no thanks. That makes America weaker and affects Americans on ALL sides.

Miracle Story

Every single human born has the ability to change the world and make someone’s life better. It can be something simple like talking to someone, offering them encouraging words or it can be so much bigger. I want to share the story of Dr. Mohammod Christi. He is a doctor who works in under-developed countries and one of the biggest killers of babies there is pneumonia. In fact, pneumonia kills more babies than HIV/Aids, malaria and measles combined. When a kid gets pneumonia they need access to a ventilator which costs over $15,000. That is a lot of money for one machine anywhere, but a lot in underdeveloped countries. One night he was on duty, he lost three kids and vowed to make a difference. He researched and found a cheap solution that involves a shampoo bottle and some water. Tune in for the rest of this amazing miracle story.

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