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In the latest episode of Freedoms Disciple, Jonathon explores how innovation changed our lifestyle, discusses the stock market panic, highlights a new UN report, and understanding WHY protestors are crying.

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We discuss a lot of serious topics on the show, but it’s also critical we stop and look around and realize how awesome our world is? Have you noticed how much our society has advanced in the last 10, 20 + years? Take a minute and look around at your world and see how much things have improved. Look inside your house and you will see changes including central heating, more than one toilet, recliners, flat screen tvs. Look at our food choices and every product we have available to us down in the local store or online. Look at how we can entertain ourselves with consoles like PlayStation and xbox, apps like Netflix and Amazon etc. Look at how easy it is to educate yourself with books available for free online, video talks on sites like Ted and You-Tube,  colleges making their degree programmes available for free. Does our world have major problems? YES. But it is also true, there has rarely been a better time to be alive.

Stock Market

Last week the Dow had a really bad day. What was the cause of it? Honestly it is impossible to say – it could be simply a blip and a bad day, it could be the end of the historic bull market, it could be the fact the stock market is overpriced when you consider key indices like price to earnings ratios, it could be the Fed raising interest rates, it could be Donald Trump responding to the Fed, or it could be something else. The Dow is 30 companies – do you think it is wise to base the success/failure of the American economy on 30 companies? If companies like Disney or Apple or Coke have a bad quarter, does that affect you? The troubling aspect is BOTH parties and the majority of supporters love to tout the stock market as the key sign of how the economy is doing. President Obama did it for 8 years and President Trump has done it for two years. One of these days a party is going to gain power purely because of the stock market’s success or failure and what happens afterward could be horrific.

UN Report

Last week the UN released yet another 700-page report on climate change. Apparently, the world has 12 years to act or we won’t be able to stop it. Does the UN not remember the 500 days to climate chaos that the last administration spoke about? This is just another report to gain access to more fundraising money and also dressed up to gain more control over YOU. If you have ever read these reports, you will notice one thing missing from them. YOU. They never seem to factor in the individual and their innovations and how society is always improving.

Crying Protestors

We all saw the sad scenes from DC last weekend as Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as a Justice on the Supreme Court. We saw plenty of anger, plenty of rage but also plenty of tears. It is critical you understand the ideology of the left and why people are crying. When you break down their ideology, you will notice people are not empowered to make changes themselves, instead, they are convinced to vote for someone else and they will make changes for them – they will be their savior. People fall for this ideology and when things do not go the way they planned, that trust is broken and a sense of helplessness kicks in and they are lost. The solution as always is America’s founding principles – empower yourself and you can be the change in society.

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