What Does DC Stand For? Absolutely Nothing!

In the latest episode of Freedoms Disciple, Jonathon examines what principles the GOP actually stands for, discusses Joe Scarborough’s 9/11 article, highlights troubling news from Russia, and askes if John Kerry is undermining the Trump Administration?

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Show Highlights

GOP Principles

Last weekend, Ben Sasse made headlines by saying he daily thinks about leaving the GOP. He continued by stating that the Democrats are solely anti-Trump and the Republicans are anti-Democrats and anti-CNN. Can anyone factually argue with these statements and show me what anyone in DC actually stands for? The Democrats are starting to admit they actually are Democratic Socialists and promoting everything for free. What does the GOP stand for? Can you name one principle it actually has been consistent on and not violated?

Once again, you are seeing exactly why America’s founders were exceptional. It is easy to say what you are against – and plenty voice those opinions on a daily basis on social media. When America was separating from the King, they did something very different. In your Declaration of Independence, your founders said what they were for before they listed their grievances. Can you imagine the debates we would have if more people followed the example of your founders?

9/11 Article

Last Tuesday it was the 17th Anniversary of one the worst days in America’s history. This did not stop the Morning Joe from using the deaths of nearly 3000 Americans as political theatre and to make a political point. He did raise two issues (debt & the idea of America) that need to be discussed further and highlight the problem in DC. BOTH sides love playing musical chairs when it comes to issues.

Do you remember the Tea Party and their concern for the debt for the eight years under Obama? DC has not stopped spending yet when was the last time you heard debt discussed by the GOP? The same people who were silent about the debt, are now hawks and very concerned. The same can be said on the issue of federalism and states rights – when was the last time you heard anyone speak about them or the Constitution?

Now ask yourself if power changed in DC, would things stay the same or would the politicians change their positions back to how they were under President Obama?

Russian News

Last week, I shared a troubling update between Russia and the UK. This week there is even more troubling news as they held their largest war games since 1981 and even decided to invite China to join in. Also on 9/11, the US Airforce had to intercept Russian bombers near Alaska. What needs to happen for DC to stop playing politics and for both sides to take Russia seriously?

John Kerry / Iran

Last week, it was revealed former Secretary of State John Kerry met with the administration in Iran and effectively told them to wait out the Trump Administration. It is unbelievable to watch both Kerry & Europe do everything they can to prop up Iran who is the largest state funder of terrorism in the Middle East. At what time will man finally stand up to evil and stop trying to appease evil.

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