New Cold War & What Issues Are Actually Important!

In the latest episode of Freedoms Disciple, Jonathon discusses tensions escalating between the UK & Russia, how society lacks reals real leaders & heroes, what are you willing to die for, and addressing a bullying story from California.

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Show Highlights

UK & Russia

The media are so occupied with President Trump, they are either ignorant or ignoring real news stories. Have you heard that tensions are rising between the UK and Russia over the last couple of weeks? Have you heard the UK presented evidence and have issued European arrest warrants for two Russian operatives for the Salisbury attacks? Have you heard the stories about how Russia in roaming and sending both naval and air fleets into UK terrority over the last several months? This has the feel of a second cold war, yet can people even agree today that Putin & Russia are bad actors on the International stage? And who will stand up to them as they continue to advance?

Real Heroes

Last week, the big outrage was the story of Nike and Colin Kaepernick. I don’t care what either party does as they are both free to follow their passions. However, this highlights a real problem in American culture today. American culture (and culture around the world) loves to promote the idea that sports stars and actors are actually real-life superheroes. How many times have you seen a sports star make a great play on the field like hit a game-winning home run or touchdown and be called heroic? NEITHER profession are heroes. Heroes do walk amongst us – veterans, cops, firefighters and emergency personnel – those men and women who risk THEIR lives on a daily basis. But they are either ignored and insulted.

Hill to Die on!

If you look around the news of every week, you will find plenty of outrageous stories. The news cycle loves them for a ratings hit and they can last for as long as a week. This week you had Nike, Bob Woodward, and the Brett Kavanagh hearings. Are any of those stories so critically important to you that you would die for them? What issues are so critical to you that you would die to defend them? Now ask yourself how much time we spend discussing those? Personally, I am willing to stand for the idea of America, for freedom, for the Declaration of Independence among other key issues. Am I willing to get outraged and angry over Nike, of Brett Kavanagh – NOPE!


Bullying has always been a problem in society and with the advancement of social media, an issue that has become much harder to solve. Last week a story emerged from California of a boy who was suspended for five days because he fought off bullies. Instead of focusing on the right to self-defense – they called it mutual combat when the boy fought back.

I spent a large part of my childhood getting horrifically bullied, and the scars never leave you. This is a topic we need to discuss as society but we must also reject the solutions being offered. They will not work. I know as I am proof!

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