Left Revealing Themselves & Ben Shapiro Interview

In the latest episode of Freedoms Disciple, Jonathon calls out real evil in our society today, how the left are starting to reveal themselves, a conversation with Ben Shapiro, and remembering John McCain.

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Show Highlights

Calling Out Real Evil

It seems today every issue is made political and society wants to search for the Democratic or the Republican answer to every problem which only divides people into parties. America was founded on the principle of right versus wrong and your founders stood against real evil. Once again today we are witnessing real evil and the question is who will stand or will it once again become a game of politics. America has two issues it could unite on right now if you avoid politics – don’t rape and assault kids and don’t murder innocent people like young Mollie Tibbetts. Over the last week, both a Cardinal from Chicago and Elizabeth Warren said both issues were sad but there were bigger issues in society. Is this true?

Left Revealing Themselves

The left in America are starting to reveal their true intentions. Look at some of the reporting / op-eds from the last week. Here are some highlights:

  • Banning studies in Brown University
  • America was never great
  • Stormy Daniels is a Feminist Icon
  • Mollie Tibbetts was murdered because men can’t take a no
  • Is Tiger Woods really black?
  • Bra and panties for MEN

Remove all the politics and spin from each of these stories, who in America actually believe these? If we start with real issues and speak principles in a humble way, freedom can once again become popular and America can once again change the world for the better.

Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro joins the show and we discuss many topics including why America is an exceptional nation, the Constitution, Obamacare / Scotus debate, and immigration. Lastly, I asked him some of your questions including what his wife does for a living, his favorite book and what people can do to help save America.

Remembering John McCain

Last week, John McCain passed away and the media coverage was truly troubling on all sides. Firstly I saw some people on the right claim he was no war hero (based solely on his opposition to Trump). REALLY?? I liked very little John McCain did in the Senate (and have been highly critical of his stances on immigration, Obamacare and McCain/Feingold), but none of that takes away from the fact he did something 99% of people would never do – SERVE and risk their life for their country.

We will always salute American heroes on this show, but the sad truth is on the day John McCain passed, he got all the attention. However, on that same day, roughly 20 former vets killed themselves and they are never remembered and never saluted.

Special Project Update:

Last week, I announced a new project supporting Mercury One and the Nazarene Fund. I designed a high-quality hoodie, with a simple message that should unite most Americans – America: Making the impossible, possible. Est 1776. $15 (around 90% of the profits) from the sale of every hoodie will go directly to M1. However, some of you had feedback saying you love the message but don’t wear hoodies, so I am pleased to announce, we are now offering both male and female tee-shirts and coffee mugs.  Please consider checking them out at freedomsdisciple.com/store or by clicking this link.

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