The Boston Massacre & Our 3rd Birthday

After a two week vacation, Jonathon is back and the history of the Boston Massacre, explains why John Adams actions were inspirational, attacks on everyone from Ben Shapiro to James Gunn to the Press to Elon Musk & lastly a special message to anyone struggling with life right now.

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Show Highlights

Boston Massacre

Most of us know the story of the Boston Massacre, but how many of us know the details of why people were so angry and frustrated? In some ways, the roots of the Boston Massacre go all the way back to 1733 with the Molasses Act. In this run down of history I explain the offenses of the King against the colonist which helped form your new government and the Bill of Rights including being forced to pay for  military occupation, taxes and tariffs on products, state-run business and the rights to be secure in persons and papers and the right of being innocent until proven guilty.

John Adams

One of the many reasons I love America’s founders so much is because they were focused on doing the right thing, even when it went against their “own side”.  John Adams was one of these fine men, who months after the Boston Massacre decided to not only defend the British soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre but helped get six of the eight soldiers acquitted. On the third anniversary of the Massacre, he said, “Judgment of Death against those Soldiers would have been as foul a Stain upon this Country as the Executions of the Quakers or Witches”. If we look around at our society today, how would we treat John Adams today? Would we celebrate him or would we call him a traitor and call for the lynch mob online?

Hate & Attacks

I shared the history of the Boston Massacre for one simple reason – to highlight Americans who stood for principles. Social media has created countless wonderful opportunities (of which I have greatly benefitted) but it also has one major downside – it is now easier than ever before to destroy people and call for violence. This path is on all sides and I bring you the recent cases of attacks on Ben Shapiro, James Gunn, the Press and even Elon Musk. Is there any consistency on principles today?

Struggling with Life

I finish up today’s show with two special messages. Firstly we just turned three years old and I want to thank everyone for your constant support. Secondly I have a message for anyone who is struggling with life. I have recently gone thru a struggle of seven long years, and I want to share some things I learned, that I wish I could repeat, but I also challenge you to do better than I did.

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