Seeking Principles & Consistency in an Outraged World!!!

In the latest episode of Freedoms Disciple, Jonathon discusses America’s outrage at the border, how to actually solve immigration, questions whether laws should be zero tolerance, and seeking consistency on executive orders and taxes.

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Show Highlights

Border Outrage

Last week, America spend the whole week outraged about Illegal Immigration and the border. Over the last seven days we have seen the following which needs to be responded to:

  • Op-eds from Laura Bush and I ask why now?
  • MSNBC hosts crying without any context or apology for prior ignorance.
  • Democratic strategists caring about 10-year-olds with down syndrome at the border, yet silent on Iceland “solving” down syndrome thru abortion.

We also witnessed hosts being outraged about kids being taken from their parents, yet those same hosts where either silent or mocked people like me who fought for young Alfie Evans who had the right to be taken from his parents and a right to die with dignity.

Solving Immigration

Congress is once again going thru the song and dance for new immigration reform. YOU DO NOT NEED REFORM. The solution is based around enforcing the laws on the books, build a wall to secure America. Then you can sit down with Democrats and discuss legal immigration and improvements you can make. You can discuss everything from the cost of a visa to the length of time they require, to the amount issued each year to the different sectors of the economy.

Zero Tolerant Laws

One of the slams on Immigration laws this week, you cannot and should not have zero tolerant laws. Is that really the key to a healthy society? Should justice be blind? Or do you want to live in a society where man has a say in your justice? How would you feel if you and someone else was convicted of the exact same crime, in the same location, with the same amount of damage caused to society? The only difference is you were arrested by different law enforcement officers, prosecuted by different DAs in front of different judges. Should you both get the same sentence or would you be okay if you received a harsher sentence?

EO & Taxes

Honest question: What is the position of the “right” and Conservatives on both Executive Orders and Taxes in 2018? Are they good or bad? Last week we saw more executive orders by the Trump administration and many celebrating the potential new internet sales tax after celebrating tariffs? Have we once again abandoned the free market to save the free market?

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