Principles Or Outrage? NATO, Justice & Honesty On Abortion

In the latest episode of Freedoms Disciple, Jonathon discusses Trump’s “dull” visit to Europe, discusses whether Presidents should be above the law, left revealing their true feelings on abortion and a week of crazy news.

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Show Highlights

Trump’s FP

President Trump was in Europe last week and had a wonderful week when it comes to Foreign policy. He correctly stood up to Europe about their spending on self-defense and correctly highlighted Germany dependency on Russia gas. Will Trump highlight the amount of Russian gas received by the UK? There is a fear this will break up NATO – but can we discuss the trouble with NATO?

Presidents Above The Law

Last week President Trump named Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. We are going to witness a circus in the media and the Senate hearings, with everyone competing to say the most outrageous comment of what Justice Kavanaugh would do. Some of his more troubling comments are his view of SCOTUS being the crown jewel of the Constitutional Republic and a paper he wrote asking if Presidents should be above the law. What would your founders say to these comments?

Left on Abortion

With each passing day, the left are becoming more and more extreme on abortion. Last week Michelle Wolfe spoke about abortion said many horrific things including comparing it to a D’orlean and everyone loves them, wanting abortion on demand just like you would order a movie on TV and wanting them on the dollar menu. The left have traveled a LONG way from the days and arguments of safe, legal and rare. How are the right responding? Sadly you have people like Tomi Lahren (who admits to not reading a book) telling people to ignore abortion and by spreading a lie that you cannot win on social issues.

Firstly does she realize who the President is and who she helped win? Secondly if winning is your goal, where do you draw the line? I have heard David Duke has a wonderful tax policy – would you support that? Where is your line and what is the reason behind drawing your line? 


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