Man’s Laws Will Always FAIL! Eternal Principles Is The Only Route to Freedom

In the latest episode of Freedoms Disciple, Jonathon discusses the history of man’s law versus principles, SCOTUS stands for freedom, overturning Roe vs. Wade will not make abortion illegal, and foreign policy updates on North Korea & Iran.

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Show Highlights

History of Man’s Law

In America today everyone loves to highlight the battle as left versus right or Republican versus Democrats. The REAL battle is so much bigger than that – the battle is the law of man versus the laws of nature. I want to go back to the start of history with God, Adam & Eve to explain where the rule of man started. This journey will highlight the history of tyranny under man’s law but also highlight why America is exceptional. America was and still is the only nation that speaks of principles that are eternal including life being precious, how people have a right to liberty and chart their own course.

SCOTUS Rulings

Last week, SCOTUS made some critical rulings which not only stand for freedom but also are consistent with the Constitution. We start with the ruling on pro-lifers not having to promote abortion and then discuss the ruling of employees being allowed to keep their own money and not be forced to pay union dues. Well done to the five justices who voted positively on these.

Kennedy Retiring

The outrage in America last week was the news that Justice Kennedy is retiring at the end of July. If you followed media on both sides, you likely heard a lot about Roe V Wade. Our friends on the left fear a Conservative justice will overturn it and make abortion illegal and our friends on the right are promoting this will happen if POTUS picks the right justice. These are both #FAKENEWS and I explain why.

FP Updates

Several weeks ago, I took a lot of heat for saying the summit with North Korea was not a win for President Trump. My comments were not a slam on the President, rather being honest about Kim Jong Un really is. Last week, we had a couple of updates from North Korea where Kim Jong Un ASSASSINATED one of his generals for giving extra food to his troops. We also had an update he is carrying out improvements to a nuclear site.

Finally, we have an update from Iran, where people are rising up and chanting, “Death to the dictator, death to Palestine” which is rather different from the normal rhetoric of death to America. If POTUS acts here, he could have a major lasting legacy in the Middle East as so many problems there are caused by Iran.

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