Heroes STILL Exist, You Just Need to Look In The Right Places!

In the latest episode of Freedoms Disciple, Jonathon discusses the right to self-defense, gambling, and legislation, responding to those who think Kate Spade was selfish and remembering D-Day & Ronald Reagan.

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Show Highlights

Right to Self-Defense

America loves to discuss the second amendment and BOTH sides make it about guns – the second amendment has nothing to do with guns, it is about the right to self-defense and how the individual decides to protect themselves and those closest to them. In places like the United Kingdom, where they do not recognize this fundamental natural law and it is the job of the powerful to protect you. I want to share the story of a truly vile and disgusting attack on a 90 year old pensioner and explain why the gun is man greatest equalizer.


We never discuss the different roles and responsibilities in society – the role of man, role of companies and the role of government. Because we never discuss these we automatically see government as our parents, as our moral arbiter of society. A discussion is currently happening in the United Kingdom about gambling and how to solve the problem – by more rules and legislation and it has the support of some companies. If we do not start to accept personal responsibility, the government will continue to grow.

Kate Spade Was Selfish?

Last week, the world was shocked by the suicide of Kate Spade. When reading this tragic story, I was shocked with the reaction online with people calling her weak and selfish. I want to share some of the emotions suicidal people may feel in the hope of making you think so maybe you don’t rush to judge them, but rather feel sorrow and heartbreak for them and the families they leave behind.

D-Day & Ronald Reagan

Today, our society loves to say we have no heroes and highlight how people who throw the winning touchdown or hit the winning home run were so brave and courageous – BOTH of these are LIES!!! We have real heroes walking among us and we need to highlight them at every opportunity – they are men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice and stopped pure evil. Today we salute those who fought on D-Day 74 years ago and I share a story of Ronald Reagan that so many have forgotten.

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