Special Plea To Trump Supporters On North Korea

In the latest episode of Freedoms Disciple, Jonathon has a special plea to requesting a Nobel Peace Prize for President Trump and his handling of North Korea. Jonathon also discusses the American culture of moral outrage at the WHCD by comparing the joke that Conservatives should have been angry at and the actual jokes they were outraged by. Lastly, Jonathon shares a personal story that defined who he is and why he very rarely insults people in his commentary.

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North Korea

There are calls for Donald Trump to win a Nobel Peace Prize including a bill in Congress for his work on North Korea. North Korea and the Kim family are tyrants and have a very long history of abuses towards their own people. Calling for a Nobel Peace prize sends the message that this conflict is over and we have peace – WHICH WE DO NOT!!! Dictators like Kim have a long track record of lying and playing the long game and if you need proof, look no further than whats currently happening in Iran. We also need to remember one key fact, North Korea has not given any concessions to gain peace, yet.

Could Donald Trump seal a historic deal for peace? Absolutely. If and when he does and it is verified, then call for a Nobel peace prize for Trump, but until that day comes, I am making a plea with you to please stop.

White House Correspondents Dinner

Last week the WHCD happened and as usual, there was plenty of controversies. One of the jokes delivered by Michelle Wolf gained very little attention or outrage and I believe we need to explain why this is a new troubling step for American culture.  


Conservatives were angered at outraged at some of the comments towards Kellyann Conway and Sarah Huckabee-Saunders at WHCD. Where they vile and hurtful? YES. However, can we stop the outrage please as anyone can find a lot worse in 5 minutes on social media by BOTH sides? I want to use this opportunity to explain why you rarely see me insult people online and that is because I have been bullied since I was 4 years old and know personally the first-hand effects of bullying and name-calling.

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2 thoughts on “Special Plea To Trump Supporters On North Korea

  1. Why are people so high on this Nobel Piece of crap prize. I honestly doubt Trump even gives a horses butt about.

  2. The peace prize is too soon and too much. I just want a more productive and less hostile world not the all for show distraction bs. Most people like me do not care about the peace prize actually nor the awards and it shows hollywood is being dismissed and all the shows of them patting themselves on the back have been and are being ignored by plenty of us. I think more people suffer from over protection and safe spaces mentality and are not learning that pain/conflict resolution is a part of life for all of us and learning how to deal with any and all kinds of pain is part of being a human so over parenting or neglectful parenting is what is wrong and why so many are suicidal and abusive. More children say they would like their parent to get off the phone and spend time with them than are bullied on a regular basis so I think THAT is more the problem in my view. I have fought against bullies my entire life I do not agree with being hurtful on purpose I just don’t agree that it is why people are suicidal or why some people internalize too much and over empathize with how others feel about them (peer opinion matters more to them than their core beliefs). Some people are born leaders others followers and those traits I think have more to do with how people react in general to different things. Our moms best lesson in our harsh/poverty/typical for the 70s dysfunctional childhood is the fact that she never let us think life was suppose to be fair/pain free, it is not, far from it actually. If life was “safe” or had “no pain/conflict/challenge, etc” we would never grow, adapt, learn, etc. As a society we have to learn to balance how we deal with emotions/pain and go back to communicating and teaching how to deal with emotions and pain instead of masking it with outside influences, like tech to entertain/amuse/keep us happy,etc. so we don’t improve the issues in our life that are the reasons people are so unhealthy they would kill themselves.

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