Role of Government in Society

Progressives share many similar traits with magicians and how they perform a magic show (Sorry magicians). It is a show where we see plenty of distractions, lots of smoke and mirrors and if we ignore logic and reason, we believe they have performed a miracle and looked amazing doing so.

Progressives in BOTH parties are the exact same where they focus on distraction with smoke and mirrors to keep the American people divided and focused on how the other side is always the problem when the truth is BOTH sides are to blame for America today. Progressives love to share their grand plans and how if you just elect them and give their side power, they will truly fix America. They love to paint pictures of a brighter, fairer and more compassionate America and highlight how government only acts nobly and is truly your friend. This may sound warm and wonderful to some if you ignore logic, reason, understand any aspect of American history and why you are an exceptional nation.

The key to a great magician performance is hiding the facts and narrative of the story until they are ready to reveal them. Over the last couple of weeks, I have noticed some progressives reveal a core principle to whom they really are and this principle needs to be highlighted and debated within America today.

Role of Government

That debate revolves around the role of government. If you ask a progressive how they view government, you will likely hear an answer based around how they are public servants, that they will go to D.C. to fight for YOU, represent YOU, and that they will be your champion and voice in Congress and do all they can to make your life better. You will start seeing this as the mid-term elections approach with ad after ad asking for your vote in the upcoming primary and then in November. The truth is the exact opposite.

Several weeks Michelle Obama was speaking at the Simmons Leadership Conference and she defined her husbands’ administration as the “good parent, the responsible parent, the one who told you to eat your carrots and go to bed on time.”

She continued and defined the Trump administration as “the other parent, we thought it’d feel fun — maybe it feels fun for now because we can eat candy all day and stay up late and not follow the rules.”

This is backed up by others on social media including a columnist for the LA Times Virginia Heffernan who described Obama leaving the White House “impression our true father was leaving & the nation was stuck with a stepfather”.

These powerful statements revealed firstly by the former First Lady is the truth about how people in D.C. see you and how they define their role in government. These views are an example of what the majority of the world experiences today and for 99% of people in world history – this way of life is the only one ever known. There is only ONE exception to this way of thinking and that is America. When it comes to the role of government there historically have only been two options.

Government Option 1

This option has government involved at every level of your life helping you make the “right” choice and always knowing what is best for you. You will see government involved in every aspect of your life from telling you what products you can buy, defining the terms of your employment, money supply including how much of your money you can keep, to what type of toilet you can use. There is no aspect of your life that has no government involved, but the narrative will still be you are free.

In this option, the government is all powerful and the only solution in society. When problems arise in society, they are the only ones who can really fix them. Lastly, this form of government is effectively a GOD and has the ability to grant or remove rights from people depending on the mood of those in power or the people.

You will know this form of government by many names including democracy, theocracy, autocracy, and dictatorship. This form of government also operates under countless ideologies including communism, fascism, nationalism, socialism, and tribalism.

Government Option 2

This option has never really be enacted 100% but America around the time of your founding came closest to forming this form of government. This government understands they are NOT GODS, but merely stewards of protection in society as the power lies with the people. This lets people control as much of their own destiny as possible and empowers them to self-reliant. They can purchase the products they wish without the government’s approval, they can negotiate their own contracts and they have a right to keep the fruits of their labor.

In this society, the government can help solve some problems, but the majority of problems are solved by the people on a voluntary basis thru charity, churches, community and other works. This form of government clearly understands its role, and under the laws of nature that they do not hold the power over people to either grant or remove rights, but rather their role is to be the protector of these rights for ALL in society because each has a set of rights from their creator.

You will generally know this form of government called a Constitutional Republic.


America is truly an exceptional nation but in many ways but right now your wonderful country is totally focused on the magic trick and you spend much of your time talking about Stormy Daniels, James Comey and Kanye West instead of conversations that matter.

Many of your wonderful people have a team jersey on and think the battle of our day is left versus right or democrats versus republicans. This is all smoke and mirrors. The battle of our day is the exact same that your founders faced. It is liberty versus tyranny and BOTH sides are on the side of tyranny and control.

Your actions or inactions right now will determine your future. I can only hope that you choose the path of your founders and stand for liberty regardless of who holds power.