Our Priorities Are WRONG!!! Lessons From Alfie Evans

Today, media and social media are filled with shiny irrelevant objects that catch our attention and spur lively “debates”. We talk about Stormy Daniels, listen to an FBI Director hawk a book about “honor”, celebrate the Royal wedding and discuss who is and is not invited or we can have a discussion about something more meaningful.

There is a MAJOR story in the U.K. that is only now starting to get mainstream attention and it affects everyone in America and around the world. It is the story of young Alfie Evans who was fighting for his life – I want to tell you why this story matters and what everyone in America can learn from this story.

Who Is Alfie?

You may remember the tragic story of Charlie Gard who we lost last year. Alfie Evans is a very similar story and sadly we lost him on Saturday morning at 2.30AM. Alfie was the baby boy of Tom Evans (21) and Kate James (20). Over his first few months on this planet, young Alfie missed several key developmental milestones. After catching a chest infection, he was admitted to Aldar Hay Hospital in December 2016 and sadly has never left. To this day, doctors have not diagnosed him with any illness (apart from saying he has severe brain damage) and removed his life support machines because it was unfair on Alfie. The Pope had gotten involved several times pleading for his life and there was an open offer from the Vatican linked Bambino Hospital in Rome to care and to try to diagnose him but the hospital refused to release him. Earlier this week Italy officially gave Alfie Italian citizenship, but this changed nothing. His parents have gone to every court possible starting with local courts and all the way to the European Courts to fight for Alfie right to life but at every juncture, they have sided with the doctors and Aldar Hay.

There are countless issues and principles to be discussed ranging from:

  • Is life precious?
  • Is life worth fighting for?
  • Parental rights?
  • Socialized medicine
  • How doctors and judges are NOT GODS!!!
  • To a media that simply does not care.

I have been following this story very closely for several weeks and last Monday I traveled to Liverpool for the day to find the truth and the real story. Here is what I learned.

Shocking Absence

I arrived at Aldar Hay around 10 AM and found a group of people playing music off a portable speaker which was connected to an iPhone (or iPod) and singing along in the park beside the hospital. One of the most popular songs played thru-out the day was Hero by Enrique Iglesias. Other hits included Simply the Best by Tina Turner and the group has even used famous chants and songs and adapted the words to include Alfie. Behind the group were several banners and posters of support for Alfie, including a tall picture of Jesus with the words, “I Stand with you”.

I am a quiet and reserved person at the best of times, so I stayed quiet, respectful and simply observed. This did not last long. A gentleman came up to me and asked if I was a Priest (I wear a Cross a lot) and I told him I was not a Priest but that I do my best to share the word as a Christian. This started several conversations on Monday with a common question no one knew the answer to – where are the Catholic priests? The Pope spoke out for Alfie – where are they? Where are the Protestant Pastors? Where are any religious leaders? Why are they silent?

Every time I heard this comment, one phrase kept repeating in my mind:

“Silence in the face of evil is evil itself”

When you research the story of Alfie, I hope you realize the magnitude of work we must do to fix our broken society. If you are reading this and are a Christian, I really hope you understand why we must lead by example and get OUR HOUSE in order. We can rightly point blame at others including doctors, judges, laws, socialism etc but where are the leaders of the Church stepping up to make a difference and be the leaders? Remember we are told in Scriptures to worry about the log in our eye before worrying about the speck in another’s eye.

Media Bias

The media are something to behold when you see them up close. It was clear from looking at them, they had an agenda and that agenda had little to do with standing up to this injustice. Sadly pro-life issues don’t equal ratings and this is a reflection of our society. A small scattering of media (nothing compared to the press camped outside another hospital waiting on the birth of a Prince) were there to do the bare minimum and wait for an actual “news-worthy” story to report. Sadly on Monday, they got the story they wanted.

The people protesting are very passionate and care deeply about Alfie and his family. I believe they are there are many reasons – in part because they want justice, in part because they know politicians have forgotten about them and don’t care about them so they are rallying around as a community, but also because they know this could happen to any of them or their children and they know they would not want to be alone.

We were told by the family his life support machines were going to be turned off at 1.30pm. People were filled with emotions ranging from hurt, despair, frustration and angry this was actually going to happen. With a minute to go, they felt they were out of options and I heard someone near me say, we have to do something (ever hear that argument before?), lets run and storm the hospital.

As soon as this started, a quiet media went into over-drive, took their pictures / videos and started typing their stories highlighting how these people charged the hospital. After reading many reports online, it is clear those there did not see, did not care or just ignored the full story.

Roughly half of the people protesting did not storm the hospital, but shouted loudly using colorful language to “come back”, “there are sick children in there”. I was alone so I did not get recording right at the start but I started a Facebook Live so we have the proof which you can view here. (Please excuse the camera angles)

I am not defending the decision to storm the hospital, (it is not something I would do) look at this video and ask yourself an honest question – do the majority look like they are storming the beaches of Normandy or more like following the crowd because a group decided it was a good idea to go to the hospital doors?

Hard Life Questions

This whole experience has been life-changing for me. I have despised politics for a long time. I am blessed with a weekly show on the Blaze where my focus is based on eternal principles and trying to find self-evident truths. People in America and around the world spent so much time focused on politics which for many includes supporting the answers their side is currently promoting, automatically assume the other is wrong and then condemns them as stupid and evil.

If we continue on this path, we will dehumanize the individual to a point where we only see the humanity and show empathy to those who agree with us. This will lead to balkanization, sides will weaken, extremes will gain attention and eventually, a strong man will take charge. If you don’t believe this, take a journey thru history.

On Monday I spent 12+ hours with protestors outside Aldar Hay standing for Alfie’s right to life. We did not discuss any politics but if we did I would be shocked if even one person I met shared any of my principles when it comes to the size of government and basic economic issues. I am sure many who attended might even openly describe themselves as socialist and I am sure some don’t like Donald Trump and America. If your priorities are helping a young baby for the fight for life, does any of this matter?

Yesterday we stood together as one (despite our disagreements) to stand for a common uniting principle – Alfie Evans and his parents right to decide what best for their kids, right to a second opinion and a right to seek additional treatment. These are all eternal principles. Imagine what we could achieve if stopped looking for right wing or left wing principles and focused entirely on basic human principles or the principles of nature’s law.

OR we can continue to have teams, see everyone who has a different opinion as for the enemy and seek to destroy them, and then we ALL lose.

It Could Never Happen in America

This story should be a wakeup call for everyone because it can and will happen anywhere including America. If you know anything about me, I hope you know how much I love America. That being said, at times some people have an arrogance that thinks America is different and that things like that could never happen Please do not believe this line.

The situation in America is very similar to the U.K. and BOTH parties are to blame. Government has been expanding into your health care for decades now with George Bush expanding Medicare, Obamacare and now the GOP running on repeal and doing nothing. You combine this with a $21 TRILLION (as in $21,000,000,000,000) national debt, Congress refusal to enforce basic budging principles like a balanced budget amendment, and judge’s ruling more and more with the side of government. This is the path both parties have put you on and if you don’t act soon, these stories could and will start happening in America.