Fighting For Life, Free Markets & Heroes!

In the latest episode of Freedoms Disciple, Jonathon Dunne breaks down the important news of the week including:

  • Sharing an update on his trip to Liverpool covering the horrific Alfie Evans story
  • NYC Bar discriminates against Trump Supporter
  • Another Police Shooting
  • Odd News: Cosby, Witches, Yankees & Kanye

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Show Highlights

Alfie Evans

Jonathon has been covering the Alfie Evans story for several weeks now and on Monday he traveled to Liverpool to stand with the protesters and stand for this beautiful young baby. In Liverpool, Jonathon noticed the one key element that was missing and shares the real story of the protesters charging the hospital.

NYC Bar Discriminates

A bar in New York City has been brought to court for discriminating against Donald Trump supporters. The ruling came out and the judge sided with the bar which has many Conservatives upset. Jonathon breaks down the case and explains why Conservatives should celebrate this ruling for the precedent it sets and offers a free market solution for those affected.

Police Shooting

At the end of every show, Jonathon salutes the real heroes in the society which include the police. Today Jonathon shares why he does this and also shares the tragic news from Dallas were another two police were shot and highlights why we must do a better job standing for those who risk their lives 24/7 for us.

Odds & Ends

Jonathon finishes today show with highlighting some of the more trivial news of the day including his feelings on Bill Cosby, highlighting a simple but powerful gesture from the New York Yankees and missing the boat on Kanye West. 


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