Murder By Guns, Knives, Courts, Doctors and Silence

In this episode, Jonathon shares troubling stories of how people are being murdered today and how our civil liberties are being eroded. Jonathon starts by highlight stories from London where they are having record numbers of death and they are caused by knives. Jonathon also shares another Charlie Gard story from the UK of little baby Alfie Evans who is very sick and his parents are fighting the hospital to keep his life support machine on. Lastly, Jonathon remembers the great Rev MLK and his I have a dream speech.

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Show Highlights

Murder by Knives

If you have ever watched any main-stream media, you will have heard calls for more gun control, how guns kill people and they will lead you to believe that less gun will equal less crime. Right now, London (which has strict gun control) is sadly going thru a major murder crisis by knives. I also share a story of an elderly pensioner defending his home from burglars and what happened when he engaged him. 

Murder by Courts, Doctors & Silence

Do you remember the story of young Charlie Gard? This was a story from the U.K. and socialized medicine where the doctors said young Charlie had a right to die with dignity despite his parents wanting to keep alive and bring him outside the U.K. for treatment. Sadly for his family, the U.K., and humanity, we lost that battle and Charlie his life.

There is another horrific story from the United Kingdom where young Alfie Evans is battling for his life and doctors want to turn his life support machine off and the courts are siding with the doctors, despite the objections of his parents.

Remembering the MLK

Fifty years ago, the great MLK was assassinated. I want to remember him and arguably his most famous speech (I have a dream) by remembering his words and what we can learn from both MLK and his words today. 

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