Why America MUST Defend The Second Amendment

I have been so frustrated with Republicans and conservatives over the last week as they are starting to sound like Democrats on guns.  In the latest installment of my show on The Blaze, I want to take some of the arguments being discussed and break them down for you and make my best case why America must defend the second amendment, regardless of who is in power.

  • Why the second amendment is critical
  • Discussing school security
  • Mental health issues
  • Economics discussion about Dicks & Georgia Lt Governor

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Show Highlights

Why the Second Amendment is Critical!

I am a huge supporter of the second amendment because I grew up in gun free zones so the only people who have guns are some of the cops and criminals. The gun is man greatest equalizer and should be defended regardless of who comes to take them. 

Discussing School Security

There are very few who are very serious about solving mass shootings and they are rightly raising the issue of school security. My fear is people will listen, look to the federal government for a one size fits all policy, pass a law and think the issue will be solved. Where is school security in Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution? Also what about putting responsibility where it lies – the schools and parents?

Mental Health

Mental health is one issue people bring up when discussing gun control, but often times there is little discussion about the different types. Does a vet with PTSD give up there to defend themselves? Does a parent who suffered the loss of a baby and goes thru depression lose their right to defend themselves? How about people on strong medication with potential side effects? If they have to give up their right, how long do they have to better before they get their rights back – a week, a month, a year? 

Economics discussion about Dicks & Georgia Lt Governor

This week Dicks has decided to stop selling “Assault Rifles” and this has angered a lot of Conservatives. I want to highlight why this is a positive change and explain the 4p’s of marketing and how this will create opportunities for others.