Who / What Defines You?

In the latest installment of my show on The Blaze, I want to take ask you an important question about your character, highlight why tariffs are not consistent with Conservatism and lastly I respond to a letter from a listerner who called me out.

  • Who / What defines you?
  • Tariffs are not Conservative
  • Fan Letter

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Show Highlights

Who / What defines you?

Society loves to define you today. You are a consumer, a voter, a client, a viewer and a fan. You are also identified by your race, gender, your sexuality and countless other definitions. But do any of them reveal anything about your character? Does it tell you about whether they are a good or a bad person?

Tariffs are not Conservative

Last week, the President signed new tariffs into law and many Conservatives are celebrating this. I want to lay out why tariffs are not consistent with Conservative values. The first part of this is to simply ask who controls the money that you currently you have in your wallet. I can find only two answers, either we control the money we earn and it is up to us how we spend it, or the government controls all the money and simply allows us to keep a certain amount of the money each year. 

Fan Letter

I got a letter from a listener calling me out a couple of weeks ago. This listener was very annoyed at me calling out Laura Ingraham for her comments on LeBron James and my silence on Facebook being Fascist. I respond with the facts and also highlight a recent trend I am noticing on social media – a call to make Facebook a public utility?