Hollywood’s An Accurate Reflection of World Society Today?

In the latest installment of my show on The Blaze, I want to discuss four main topics with you:

  • Discussing how Hollywood’s recent actions are entirely predictable and an accurate reflection of society today.
  • What freedoms do you support that you dislike or despise?
  • Delve into foreign policy battles between UK & Russia and Iran and Saudi Arabia.
  • Highlighting two stories from France and LA of big government gone crazy!

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Show Highlights

Hollywoods Recent Actions

If you were unlucky enough to watch the Oscars last week you witnessed countless actors lecture you on everything from Donald Trump to the #metoo movement. When people face a crisis they usually act in one of two ways – they can either be humble and have a period of self-reflection or they can be arrogant and lecture others on the way everyone should act. It is clear which option Hollywood has chosen. But what way do politicians act? What way do our world leaders act? What way do we act on social media?

Freedoms You Dislike

Regardless of your ideology, everyone is comfortable with the freedoms they agree with personally. How is it hard or brave to stand for a freedom you agree with or that’s popular? What freedoms do you dislike or even hate, do you still support. I want to share a couple of mine including drugs, speech, socialism and gay marriage.

Foreign Policy

Our world changed a lot over the last week. The world witnessed an attack on U.K. state sovereignty from Russia and Saudia Arabia called Iran Hitler and said if they get nukes, they will pursue them. Our world could change overnight and we need someone to stand for freedom – the truth is only America can be that beacon a light and hope for the world.

Big Government

I want to share two stories with you about big government has gone crazy. Firstly is a story from France where a baker from France was fined nearly $5000. What was his crime? Poor hygiene, not baking a cake, broken code violations. NO. He dared work seven days a week. Secondly several years ago I highlighted a movement in LA to solve homelessness and I want to share a frustrating update and what the government is currently doing to this movement.

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2 thoughts on “Hollywood’s An Accurate Reflection of World Society Today?

  1. Drugs are an example of something I don’t use, legal or illegal. What is illegal when drugs are decriminalized is any damage one does while on drugs. That is what needs to be addressed, not the freedom to ruin ones life.

    Any two people can contract to do anything they want to, except such things as a contract to murder, and call it what they want. What those gays I’ve talked to say they really want is the federal married filing status. Being a single person, I understand how they feel, as married is a better filing status. But then, the income tax is unConstitutional anyway.

    I am very tired of America being considered the beacon for the world. It causes inflation, which is a tax on it’s citizens, because the U.S. can’t afford the military industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell speech as he reached the end of his second term. Our deficit is in the trillions of dollars, the highest it’s ever been. It’s time for the rest of the world to do their part, because if the evil of the Deep State succeeds in bringing down the U.S. in order to usher us all into the New World Order, the world will be the loser.

    We have a Socialist state in the U.S., called California, where I live in San Diego. There isn’t much in the Constitution on immigration, but the federal government does have the responsibility for Naturalization, which involves immigrants coming into this country. But above the Constitution, Congress has passed administrative laws to control how immigrants enter this country. Right now California lawmakers, especially Governor Brown, are putting it’s residents in danger with their Sanctuary State law. People have already died at the hands of criminal illegal immigrants. And this law is actually worse for illegals than if ICE were notified when a criminal illegal immigrant was being released from jail and they could come and pick up the illegal. Instead, what ICE is forced to do is go out into the neighborhood and round up all the people around the area of the criminal’s address, sort out which of them are illegal, and take them all to be processed for deportation. This cockeyed version of Socialism is bankrupting California. Thank goodness Brown’s term ends this year. There is actually a chance that the Republicans might take back the governorship. As a registered Independent, I speak to many others of my “party” and being 40% of registered voters, we are getting really tired of the Democrat one party rule that Moonbeam has been running.

    As for flag burning, while abhorrent to many Americans, it is protected speech. There are other ways to punish those who do it. Usually they snatch the flag from a building (theft), or they stir up the crowd to violence (inciting violence) both of which are illegal.

    • Thank you so much for your comments. I agree with your comment on gay people – another excuse I have come across is the right to leave their possessions to their partner when they die. I see both of these as government doing to much and the solution is not more government.

      I think we have different opinions on what we mean by America being the beacon for the world. This has little / NOTHING to do with foreign wars. When I speak about America being a beacon for the world, I mean the idea of America and the principles that made you exceptional. When America is free, the world is freer and follows your example. When America turns towards tyranny, the world follows and I believe that has been happening for a while now.

      Sorry you have to live in California and watch that great state change. I really hope things can change and a freedom loving candidates win elections and start rolling back government. Keep spreading a message. God Bless. JD

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