Conservative……You Keep Using That Word

In the latest installment of my show on The Blaze, I want to address the future of the Conservative movement and CPAC inviting Marion LePen to address their conference. I want highlight several few points, including:

  • Why is America exceptional
  • Defining American Conservatism
  • Looking at the National Front Platform
  • How you get a big tent!

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Show Highlights

Why is America exceptional

It is critical to highlight the many ways America is an exceptional and different from every other nation. We break down 8 ways you are different including natures law, where rights come from, federalism, and the bill of rights.

Defining American Conservatism

We need to highlight the history of the left and right and compare it to the world. What is “right-wing” in America is not completely different to what is “right-wing” in Europe. Its time to define Conservatism and why it is largely about the 3 F’s – faith, family and freedom.

Looking at the National Front Platform

Last week CPAC allowed Marion LePen to address their audience and she even received a standing ovation. I want to take a few minutes to highlight their policies. As I go thru them, please highlight what they have in common with Conservatism and American exceptionalism.

How you get a big tent!

One of the popular excuses for inviting people like LePen to CPAC was to get a bigger tent. You don’t grow a tent by watering down your principles, you grow it by reaching out and sharing your principles, especially when you are promoting principles you believe are eternal.