Eternal Principles of Freedom & Free Speech


In this episode Jonathon shares the lesson he learnt from his ex-girlfriend. Jonathon revisits the discussion over flag burning and free speech and breaks down where rights come from and why speech is included. In this special Gospel segment Jonathon looks at the story from Matthew and examines who we are called to love and how we are better than our enemies. (Show boards will be released @ Noon Eastern on Twitter & Facebook accounts below.)

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One thought on “Eternal Principles of Freedom & Free Speech

  1. I am new to the context of the proclaim communication that has and is being presented by this site. I am the posterity of the ‘Linn/Lynns of that ILK’ from Scotland that came to the Ulster Plantation that Scotland King James tried to create (as we say stateside, a planned colony with # of Scots; # of Irish; # of English) plantation. This “The Plantation of Ulster (Irish: Plandáil Uladh; Ulster-Scots: Plantin o Ulstèr)[1] was the organised colonisation (plantation) of Ulster – a province of Ireland – by people from Great Britain during the reign of King James I. Most of the colonists came from Scotland and England. Small private plantation by wealthy landowners began in 1606,[2] while the official plantation began in 1609. An estimated half a million acres (2,000 km²) spanning counties Tyrconnell, Tyrone, Fermanagh, Cavan, Coleraine and Armagh,[3] was confiscated from Gaelic chiefs, most of whom had fled Ireland for mainland Europe in the 1607 Flight of the Earls. Most of counties Antrim and Down were privately colonised.[2] Colonising Ulster with loyal settlers was seen as a way to prevent further rebellion, as it had been the region most resistant to English control during the preceding century.
    King James wanted the Plantation to be “a civilising enterprise” that would settle Protestants in Ulster,[4] a land that was mainly Gaelic-speaking and of the Catholic faith. The Lord Deputy of Ireland, Arthur Chichester, also saw the Plantation as a scheme to anglicise the Irish.[5] Accordingly, the colonists (or “British tenants”)[6][7] were required to be English-speaking and Protestant.[8][9] Some of the undertakers and colonists however were Catholic and it has been suggested that a significant number of the Scots spoke Gaelic.[10][11][12] The Scottish colonists were mostly Presbyterian[6] and the English mostly members of the Church of England. The Plantation of Ulster was the biggest of the Plantations of Ireland.” Wikipedia 2016. Genealogy shows that the Linns were part of this migration. Eventually assimilating into the Irish ethnic stream of things; however, it also shows that Nicholas Lynn offspring migrated to Trippestad, Bavaria and Prussia before 1760s’ they migrated to colonial America. However; history has been written and now we face the present, and the future. It is by the grace of ‘Jehovah’, his son Christ ‘Jesus’ that I am alive today. My allegiance belongs to Jehovah and his promise kingdom. However; the flag does carry meaning as does the Eagle along with GODS’ creations. In addition, I stand and I listen carefully. I recall each an every man, woman and child that has died for American ‘flag.’ In keeping with my allegiance to Jehovah God and my deepest respect for American Flag, my “center of balance” will not accept this “deprivation” to the flag nor the extinction in showing the Ten Commandments in plain sight. I see nothing in the ‘Ten Words’ that support any particular faith base christian sect. When Jesus proved himself faithful to the end of his mortal life; his perfect sacrifice became the new beginnings for all to partake of the choices in-regards to grant human kind the opportunity to be part of the promise to cleanse the earth from all of Satan’s’ and his minions atrocities that use double speak to confuse and enrage the people. Where as; than follows the condensed or concise two greatest commandments: Love GOD with all mind, body and soul. Love neighbor with all, mind, body and soul as thy self. Logic and reason shows that if and only if each individual loves themselves; i.e. the individual would not shoot themselves in the foot or burn down their house or slaughter their animals nor not take a bath so they may keep themselves clean and poison the land to the point of where it will not grow food to feed themselves and others. My grandfather believed that ‘if we take care of the land, it will take care of us’ and ‘if we take care of our neighbor, they will take care of us’ and ‘if we take care of our bodies, our body will take care of us’ and ‘we are in America, you need to speak English’ (did not let us learn our native tongue; i.e. Prussian, Gaelic, or French.) ‘pick any nationality you want, your in America.’ Essentially, we as kids growing up and became the coined phrase ‘Baby Boomers’ we were Americans. Genealogy or DNA has shown my ethnicity, awesome explanation as why, how, when, and where we came from and even breaking it down to % of ethnic groups and their traits that help explain our natural leanings towards our inner person. I am retired from law, accounting and did not finish my education in being a ‘deputy.’ The comment is based entirely on my life experiences, and it is not meant to deviate from the content presented on this thread. Thank You PALJ; aka–Elizabeth Woodville, Grey, Tudor, Plantagenet. The request for website is through Facebook and login is agethabesonson; i.e. aka ancestral name used as well.

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