America Is Great, Because…?


I am officially back from a month long vacation and I am super passionate about the future and I want to share some of the reasons with you.

In this episode I share some thoughts about the future and I highlight the two paths facing America and ask which one will you choose. I also share what I see as my role in this mission and the aims for the future of the show.

Lastly I am super excited to share a short fictional story that I worked on for a couple of weeks, that is filled with real life principles and is aimed for every America that is hurt, dejected and feels like giving up right about now.

Please join me as I continue to speak out for America’s Founding Principles and you can listen below or by clicking directly on SoundCloud, ITunes and now Google Play:

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One thought on “America Is Great, Because…?

  1. It is interesting to us as Americans to see into how Europeans view America. Where they moved to the left and how. It is also interesting to see how Americans are truly viewed in Europe as opposed to the Media”s lenses. How did Brexit happen. I believe you can do a service to us with that information.

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