Dealing With The Enemy Within

enemyAmerica faces many issues today. Some of those issues are political and are discussed on a daily basis. However in this episode I discuss one the issues that is rarely discussed – Our Heart issue. I start by sharing an old African proverb – If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside cannot hurt you! I  look around at the issues in society today and contrast them with US History. I address some members on the right who today proudly identify themselves as deplorable.

I also share the latest installment of Life in Utopia and this week’s question is what does the American Dream mean to you? Lastly he has three different conversations with The Blaze’s Mary Ramirez and asks everyone which one is the most popular today and which is the best one to have today.

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3 thoughts on “Dealing With The Enemy Within

  1. I thank you brother for all of your efforts & please never tire being a watchman on the wall!! And in that, you are not alone !!

    • No need to thank me brother. I am proud to stand with you and other great patriots to promote the idea of America and to remind everyone you are not alone! God Bless you. JD

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