Day of LOVE – Friday 15th July 2016

Anonymous is calling for this Friday, July 15th to be a “Day of Rage” in an already divided, devastated nation.

This will only cause more pain, suffering and division – and solves NOTHING!

The Blaze Radio’s Jonathon Dunne together with Minister Andrew Chavarrilla and The Blaze Contributor Mary Ramirez are joining forces this Friday to promote a day to show love and compassion; share hope and work towards reconciliation with everyone. Because you know what? We are ALL one blood and ALL lives matter.

However we need YOUR help! We are asking Americans of all faiths and backgrounds to stand for LOVE by:

1. Americans of ALL faiths and backgrounds making Friday a day of fasting.
2. Making it a day of prayer, reading of Scriptures, and sharing stories of History, HOPE and LOVE!
3. Getting involved on Social Media and help change the narrative by sharing a positive message that seeks reconciliation:

• Change your social media profile picture to share your support for Day of Love. Please visit link here for profile pics and memes.
• Share Scripture Memes online during the day, and especially during the times of protests (5-9PM Eastern) and use the hashtag #DayOfLove.
• Post messages online sharing personal stories on what your faith means to you, where you get hope and highlight parts of your life for which you are thankful.
• Share stories and articles online based around faith, history and love.
• Reach out to someone you disagree with online and offer a positive message.

Lastly I will be joining Minister Andrew Chavarrilla, his co-hosts Brian and Blake, on The Intersection (Friday morning, starting at 9 am EST) and we will be sharing what inspires us today about America, and most importantly—what God’s Word has to say about it all.

Please get involved and change the narrative online and show your fellow American’s that they are NOT alone. You can access all profile pictures and meme’s from this page – Click here. Please share this movement with all your friends and family. God Bless. JD


5 thoughts on “Day of LOVE – Friday 15th July 2016

  1. I am dead set against this BLM BS, but please don’t ask me to make to make an effort to embrace this scum bags either! They can go straight to that place Christians fear most!

  2. The idea Ray is counter Evil with Love. Do something nice for someone, or more than one, to offset the hate.

  3. Brilliant, idea, just show them love and they’ll stop killing you! Your brain must be mush!

  4. People need to understand that humanity is going through a very difficult transition and the enemies of peace are taking advantage of our indifference. At least Jon is trying to do something to create awareness. Thank you Jon and may God give you the strength to make a difference. Warm blessings

  5. No offense, but it sounds to much like asking everyone to bare their throats to an enemy that wants to slit it. Sorry that doesn’t sound like a very bright idea. This isn’t about turning the other cheek, this is about life and death.

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