America in 2016 – An Honest Evaluation

In this episode, I offer an honest evaluation of America in 2016 and start offering you some solutions that do not involve politics and ways we can all make America great once again. I also lay out where I want this podcast to go.

If you have never checked out my podcast, I wanted to share 6 reasons you should consider checking it out!!!

  • I offer an outsiders view on America today and I am proud supporter of God, American Founding Principles and history, Constitution.
  • I am a firm believer that America is GREAT because of YOUR PEOPLE, thus I try offer solutions to the days problems.
  • I don’t try convert you to have my opinion. I try share questions so you can form your own opinion.
  • Show covers a wide array of topics including the American Revolution, Communism, Faith, SCOTUS, Free Market Economics, and the hottest topics of the week.
  • Show is 100% independent of people, parties and candidates.
  • Show if completely FREE and available to download any time on Sound-Cloud and ITunes.

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