OMG!!!! Priest Calls Us To Be Wishy-Washy Over Principled!!!

I get heat from many places for not being a “real Christian” since I don’t belong to any religion and not going to Church. There are many reasons for this but I want to share what I saw written in a Newspaper by a Priest (in Ireland).
“Anyone who calls someone a “wishy-washy liberal does so with every intention of insulting the person. It’s an attempt at saying that the person stands for nothing, has no definite beliefs or principles”….
In his conclusion he wrote:
“I for one, would much prefer to be a wishy washy liberal than some sort of principled fanatic, who is willing to go to any lengths  to reach the “promised land”. Unfortunately a wishy washy liberal is no match for a bible thumping fundamentalist”.
I find this sad for three reasons:
1 – Its sad that a priest still serving today has lost so much connection of his faith that he believes its better to stand for nothing than stand for something.
2 – Its sad because you have to wonder the condition of his parish and how many people growing up today will also share their beliefs.
3 – Not only has this priest lost his way, potentially leading his parish astray, but he is publishing articles in the paper for everyone to read.
These are very troubling times. We must pray for this priest and his parish, but also be sure we show the other side. We must not be a generation that accepts being wishy-washy as acceptable. We must be the generation that not only acts out of love, but also speak very loudly and very clearly that Christian principles are not only important, but that we are lost without them. Now is the very time we must work and pray harder to get closer to God, not reject them. God Bless.

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  1. Sad. What it tells you is the preist has lost his way. His standard should be the Bible and what it says. He has been influenced by the culture to leave his faith. A biblical example of this is the Lord talking to the Church about being “wishy washy”. Rev. 3:15-16 15 I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! 16 So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth. Meaning wishy washy makes the Lord puke it is so reprehensible to him.

    • Yes it is very sad. I wish the standard for more people was Scriptures. There are good times and bad times, good priests and bad ones… yet scriptures remains the rock. I just hope enough people see this priest article and reach out in a loving way and help you find his way back. If not, I hope they are brave enough to find a new priest. God Bless you

  2. Hi
    There is only one requirement/acid test for being a Christian. There must have been one moment in your life where you bowed your head and your heart to God, admitted that you are a sinner and asked for forgiveness and the covering of the blood of Jesus Christ as payment for your sins. Once you have done that single act, you are a Christian. Everything before that point is erased in God’s eyes and you build the relationship with Him from there. What it becomes is up to you. If you don’t pursue that relationship, eventually you’ll walk away. That doesn’t need a church, doesn’t need a certain denomination, to start or stop doing anything except those things that we are told will destroy us i.e. fornication and other sexual sins…..and keep this in mind my friend, the Bible foretells that the love of many will wax cold in the last days, that preachers will preach what people want to hear to keep them in their churches. Pay attention whoever reads this, we are in the last days. Get closer to God than ever before because we are going to need Him more than ever. It is so easy to be lulled to sleep by preachers who don’t preach the truth, open their doors to sin in their churches. I could talk on this subject all day, but I’ll spare everyone…..

    • Thanks for your lovely comment. I am a sinner and more flaws than most but I try my best and ask God for mercy several times a day. I am a follower of Jesus Christ – I will follow him and his teachings regardless of what humans think. God bless you.

  3. I was thinking of the same verse as Pat quoted. I am a Catholic and unfortunately we now have a left wing liberal pope. All one has to do is follow the history of the Jezuits to see why his beliefs are this way. Soon I believe the church will be split as have the Lutnerans and Episcopals. However if you do follow the Bible all these things that are happening are well documented. In the end days, their eyes and ears shall be closed. Damascus will fall. When I was a boy an old woman to keep my eyes on Syria. I did not understand at the time. Now I do. We must pray for the conversian of Syria and other Islamic countries. God does not want them destroyed but saved. But Damascus will fall.

    • The Bible has the answer to any question you need to find the answer to. We need to inspire future generations to read it and find eternal godly truths. God Bless you. JD

  4. Unfortunately for the Catholics this pope is no friend of Christians around the world! In fact I’d go even further and say he is no friend to the Catholic faith either! I have friends who have given up on the Catholic faith because of him they say they can no longer support him or the Church! Sad times for the Catholic followers!

    • Yes it is a sad time. I was a Catholic once. I believe the challenge we face today is to ensure that we inspire a love of God over everything else. I have seen some people leave religion and God. God Bless

      • I used to be a Catholic too. For years as a volunteer, I overlooked a lot, but finally I up and left. I used to study Theology even. I love the faith but I’m certain that what I saw in my church/diocese is not behavior that Jesus would condone or find representative of His message. I tried to be a beacon of light in a dark place, but people came after me. After many years, I couldn’t go anymore. That can’t be my church, no way. I love God, and I am a Christian.

    • Not my job to judge. He might just be lost or lacking believe. We need to pray he finds that believe once more.

  5. This pope and the catholic church abandoned Christians on the first day he was made pope. Any Christian that would support this so called pope is out of their damn minds!

    • I am no fan of this pope. We need to find a loving kind way to reach out to Catholics and have a discussion about the good news of Jesus. However I believe patience will be key because many have been brought up on not being allowed to be critical of priests and popes – its impossible to overcome a life time of precedent in a heart beat. God Bless you

      • I hear what you’re saying but when Catholics start turning against their own Church because of the stuff this pope is doing I don’t hold out much hope for that Church. The numbers for their Church are not growing either so for him to create devision in it’s ranks is nothing short of insane! Either that or it’s being done on purpose. I believe it’s the later. Thank you for the Blessing, same to you friend.

  6. I am a lifelong faithful Catholic. I have never been taught that I cannot disagree with the Pope. I can disagree with him on everything that is not a matter of faith for Catholics. So I can disagree with him about politics and the weather. He is a man, and can make mistakes about politics and the weather. But he is also the successor of St. Peter so i owe him much respect as our religious leader. The papacy is the longest unbroken line of succession in history and has survived some bad popes, but they never changed Church doctrine on faith and morals. Neither will this Pope. The gates of Hell will not prevail against it.

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