NYC Values – Go Out After 230PM & Get Arrested

Last week America discussed the phony issue of New York Values, but yet this week a real NYC issue came up and most were silent. That issue was during the storm where police stated if you went out after 230, you would be arrested. Does the government have that right? What about America being the land of the free? Also I share some thoughts on my recent trip stateside and share a story about how women doing laundry helped America during the Revolutionary War.

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3 thoughts on “NYC Values – Go Out After 230PM & Get Arrested

  1. I hate when they tell people they can’t go out of their homes after a certain time.

    • Yes so do I… But what gets me the most, is there is no discussion / debate on it. Its just accepted and followed. Very worrying sign.

  2. Tyranny at the state level. If its in the WH they figure why not who will call us out on it. I wonder what the charges would be if someone was arrested. Walking in snow storm ? Disobeying an unconstitutional
    threat in the USA ? New York Values is something of a euphemism. Should be Communist New York Values.

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