Morals & Principles in Society – Where SHOULD They Come From?

Today we have dehumanized the individual to the point where we discount their life experiences, their emotions, their story and if they don’t see the world the “right” way we look down on them, silence them and its now cool to insult them. Is this the America YOU want to live in – where we judge people solely by their voting record and not the content of their character?If this is not the America you want to live in, where should the new morals and principles come from? What role do family, friends and the Church have to play?

In this podcast I also address Super Tuesday and I ask people to vote for the candidate they want and actually support, not the one who can “win”. Lastly I open up about my childhood and the bullying I experienced from a very young age and highlight a lesson we can all learn from – tough times comes to us all, but we must focus on the lessons we have to learn and build character and improve.

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