GOP Politicizing Scalia’s Replacement is Unprincipled, Stupid & Will Hurt American People

I am becoming very troubled at the lack of respect for the Constitution on BOTH sides of the aisle. The Constitution is like principles – they are easy to stand for when they suit / benefit you, the hard part is standing for them when they hurt you. I am appalled at the answers and messaging coming from the GOP and most of the Presidential candidates regarding the replacement of Antonin Scalia. Either they don’t know the Constitution or care more about political games than the Constitution and it needs to stop before it hurts the American people.

Lastly I pays tribute to the late great Antonin Scalia (RIP) and addresses the lawsuits Donald Trump is currently filing. You can listen below or on SoundCloud or ITunes:

I really appreciate any feedback you may have (positive or negative) and if you would consider sharing it with your family and friends. God Bless you.

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10 thoughts on “GOP Politicizing Scalia’s Replacement is Unprincipled, Stupid & Will Hurt American People

  1. The replacement of Justice Scalia is too important to trust to Barack Obama. Many of our important Constitutional rights – 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, etc., hang by the thread of one vote. If someone acceptable to Obama gets the seat, these rights most likely will be lost.
    What the Republicans are doing is EXACTLY what the Democrats have done, in the past. Nothing in the Constitution puts a timeline on hearings or votes to decline or approve a nominee.

    • So we ignore the Constitution to save the Constitution. I will always follow the Constitution whether it benefits me or not. God Bless you

  2. The GOP, you mean they same losers that continue to fold like cheap suits for Obama!? The only reason they say this is because they know they are going to fold for him again!

    • I really hope some in the GOP start making arguments based on the Constitution on not on precedent, elections etc. God Bless

  3. I don’t know of any part of this administration or presidency has that has followed the constitution at any time.

    • Either do I. Hence why it is critical the next administration loves, supports, defends and empowers it at every opportunity. I don’t know if the Constitution can survive another 4 or 8 years being ignored.

    • Did you not hear the parts about judicial activism? The parts were they seek to make Congress irrelevant? The parts where they want SCOTUS to be a rubber stamp for the President?

      Also I will speak out against tyranny regardless of where it comes from – left or right? If you go thru my site, you will see thousands of words spoken against the left. God Bless you

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