Benghazi 13 Hours Movie – Never Leave A Man Behind

Last week, I saw the Benghazi movie 13 hours and I was horrified and I think this is the worst recruitment tool for the military. In this show, I plead with Americans everywhere to find their why and be that shining city on a hill and I break down a principle everyone should be able to agree on – NEVER leave a man behind. Jonathon also shares his thoughts on the recent phony issue of NYC Values.

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3 thoughts on “Benghazi 13 Hours Movie – Never Leave A Man Behind

  1. Who said this was a military recruitment tool…. I suppose the Dirty Dozen was a bad recruitment tool for Viet Nam in the 60’s. This was a bad recruitment tool for our administration and yes our government (Hillary & Obama) left them behind!!!!

    • Thanks for your comment and your service. Did you listen to the podcast because if you did, I would think we would be in agreement. Leaving men behind is not acceptable and this movie would make you question joining the military. I hope that changes. God Bless you. JD

    • I think we view all patriotic movies as potential recruitment tools… It brought up a huge problem. People are willing to die for our country…it would be nice if the current admin didnt treat them like used kleenex. In that sense.. it didnt help. I got what Dunne was saying.

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