Economic LIES: Why Government Can’t Grow the Economy & Income Inequality

Politicians love to think they can create jobs and grow the economy and in the upcoming elections you are going to hear all kinds of rhetoric and plans. The simple truth is THEY CAN’T. In this episode, I break down in very simple terms why politicians or government cannot create jobs and grow the economy and then I share an example of who holds the keys to the economy.

I then move onto another argument from the left and even from Pope Francis last week – Income Inequality. I break this argument down to its core and will explain why a “super-rich” person buying a Ferrari is actually good for our society. Please think about these examples and use them in discussions going forward.

Lastly I close out the show by highlighting a couple of ordinary people who have achieved extra ordinary things in life and how it proves one simple point – the only limit you have in this life, is the one you set yourself. Please consider checking out the show which is under an hour below or by clicking on the links in Soundcloud or ITunes:

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  1. The nation is long overdue for a Full Reset as Founders Anticipated . Every 250 years they anticipated a reset would be needed due to corruption creeping into the system. bho admin proves the RESET is long overdue !

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