Real Poverty: Why Government Will Never Find A Solution

Pope Francis is visiting America this week and discussing many topics including Income Inequality and poverty. In this show, I wanted to break down the definitions of poverty and asks one simple question – Is all poverty financial? I try answer that question and explain different types of poverty in today’s world and challenge you to come up with a government program to cure it. Lastly I address popular news stories of whether Obama is a Christian and Ahmed the Clock boy.You can listen below or by clicking here for Soundcloud 0r ITunes:

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2 thoughts on “Real Poverty: Why Government Will Never Find A Solution

  1. If Obama is a Christian then Im the 12th Imam.
    Poverty of the spirit is more accurate and throwing more money at the problem hasnt helped at all except of course to keep women having more babies by more men so their monthly stipend can go up. What a crazy world we live in when the working poor like myself has to work 3 jobs and pay more in taxes under this admin than any other admin so that i can subsidize those who refuse to be independent and responsible. The fundamental transformation will be complete on Jan 19 2017.

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