America, Ignore the Nay-Sayers and Be Exceptional Once Again

We all know the many problems facing America today, yet one of the biggest problems also happens to be one that is the easiest to potentially fix. Today I see far too many people not only listening to the nay-sayers but believing what they say.

  • How many people do you know that believe they can no longer make a difference in society?
  • How many Americans feel America’s best days are behind her?
  • How many Christians believe the world is over and there is nothing we can do to change the path we are on?

It deeply troubles me to watch my brothers and sisters succumb to the nay-sayers and have such little believe in God, in their country and in themselves. I still believe we have in our power to change this world, but we can only do that if we wake our family up and change the course we are on. I am a Christian and my savior is Jesus Christ, but even Jesus had nay-sayers. In fact he had nay-sayers in his own town. So I ask you to consider this – if the most perfect man to ever live had nay-sayers, what makes you so special that you should not have any. The question today is not whether we have nay-sayers or how many we have, but rather whether we still believe in our principles and convictions and how we respond to them. I for one take great comfort from American history and learning about how giants from history overcame their obstacles and I wanted to share a few with you today.

Firstly let us look at the great General George Washington. Can you imagine what people said about him when he left his comfortable life and his riches to go fight in the Revolutionary War against the Super-power of the day – the Hessions? Can you imagine what people must have said and thought after he led his troops into battle only to lose and retreat until the next skirmish? Do you think he might have had some nay-sayers behind the scenes in Congress or even in his own army?

Secondly let us look at President Abraham Lincoln during his term as President. Look at the first three years of the Civil War where thousands of American’s are dying and any minor gain for either side it automatically lost and there no end in sight? Do you think he had nay-sayers in his cabinet, in Congress, or even from the families of those who had suffered the nightmare of losing a loved one at war? Now fast forward to 1863 and Lincoln had to start thinking about re-election – do you think there were folks who might have said let’s give up fighting and try find a compromise?

Thirdly let me fast forward one hundred years to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. There is no hiding his “colourful” past, yet his journey takes him to Selma Alabama and looking to makes changes to the segregation laws on public transport. Do you think he spoke for every black person? Do you think he did not have nay-sayers? Do you not think it would have been easy to succumb to the hate and join the messages of Malcolm X?

Lastly let me share with you some lesser known examples. Do you think Henry Ford as he was building the Model T and perfecting the production line, had nay-sayers? Bear in mind he had failed at business several times before he found success? Do you think he had nay-sayers? Or what about the Wright Brothers who were trying man-powered flight for the first time? As they went against Samuel PierPont Lanley who had everything they did not – power, money, resources and the media spotlight. Do you think they had nay-sayers? Or lastly how about all the great American’s in NASA who believed they could go to the Moon? Did everyone support them or do you think they had nay-sayers as well?

I could share with you many stories here but I believe you see the point. All of these men had plenty of nay-sayers just like we do today. We must also remember that while these great men are now giants of history, at the time of their troubles they were mere mortals like you and me. What makes these men great is they refused to succumb to the nay-sayers; they ignored them and continued on with their journey. We must follow their example today because our future is in our hands.

In closing, I beg of you to think ask yourself one very simple question:

Why can’t America succeed and still have her best days yet to come?

I am sure there will be those who read this and might suggest problems like your crippling debt, economy, Iran, China and global Terrorism. We must remember that these are simply human conditions and the problems of this generation. I testify to you today three simple facts I believe in:

1 – I worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and there is NO limit to his power and even the most complex human problem is like child-plays to God.
2 – Are the problems above severe? Yes they sure are but I don’t see anything unique or more powerful in the problems today compared to the problems you overcame in your short yet vast history. Your history proves to me that these problems are just the challenges for this generation to overcome. In two hundred short years, America has overcome the Super-power of the day twice, dealt with the expansion out west, overcame slavery and the Civil War, the Great Depression and Wall Street Crash, World War 1, World War 2, Cold War, 9/11 and send a man to the moon. Your history gives me inspiration and I pray it gives you inspiration on a daily basis to continue on. I beg you today to stop listening to the nay-sayers as there will always be folks who try bring you down. Ignore them and rise above the hate and unite on your founding principles because Thomas Paine was right – We DO have within our power to change the world.
3 – Lastly I testify to you today there are three things that can never be beaten if we truly believe in them: God, Love and Freedom. God Bless you!

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