Let’s Use Independence Day to Re-Motivate & Re-Engage

The last week in American political life has been truly devastating as we have witnessed dreadful rulings on everything from Obamacare, housing, Gay Marriage and now abortion. Time and time again the Supreme Court screws the people, yet for some reason we always expect positive things. However I am struggling to deal with something a lot deeper – the amount of people who say it’s over and that is time to give up!

I am begging you to fight and reject those thoughts America. I am begging you to stop listening to the nay Sayers and to the folks who say you can’t make a difference. Please remember even Jesus Christ had nay Sayers and we must ensure we stick together and fight these notions . I am begging you with every fiber of my being not to let your heart grow cold and don’t give up. Yes things are bad and there are plenty of bad things coming like Greece, the fall of Europe, Russia advancing, Isis etc, but I know a few things and I want to testify a few things to you…

Firstly I worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and I know there is no limit to his power! NONE. Anything is possible with our God.
Secondly as we approach Independence Day, let us remember everything your wonderful founders set up, fought and died for! General Washington and his brave men lost many, many battles and had to retreat many times, but they won in the end. Let us remember that tyranny like evil is not easily defeated! We MUST NOT GIVE UP!!!!

Americas history is inspiring and I sometimes I get lost in the details. The one thing that strikes me about your history and people is how you never gave up! How you looked a challenge in the eye and over came it whether that was the super power of the day at your founding, war of 1812, slavery, Great Depression, WW1, WW2, race to the moon, Cold War and the Internet. The American message has always been inspiring, uplifting and one can achieve anything they put their mind to!

It hurts so much that this could be the generation that says I give up and does not overcome the battle of the day! Let us work together and ensure that does not happen! I testify to you that there are three things that can’t never be beaten once they are real and we believe in them:

GOD, Love and Freedom!

God bless you and God bless America

5 thoughts on “Let’s Use Independence Day to Re-Motivate & Re-Engage

  1. God is my life. We must stop being silent. All things are in the Bible that are happening. The last days are approaching fast. Let’s speak up and fight for what is right.

    • AMEN!!! We must speak loudly, passionately but also with love! God Bless you.

  2. Thanks, John. You are right and I am personally devastated by the recent events. Adding to the misery here are race-baiters and others who are quick to react to some events long before the facts are in. Of one thing I am sure, there are less America-Loving citizens willing to stand and be counted for Christ than ever before in our history. I sometimes think we are ‘the remnant’ spoken of in the Bible. As you state, “Let us remember that tyranny like evil is not easily defeated! We MUST NOT GIVE UP!!!!”

    • Thanks Ronald. I am devastated but am I also hopeful for the Future. Regarding the numbers point I would like to ask you to think of something – you may be less in number, but what is the level of the commitment. Personally I would rather walk arm in arm with 10 people of real faith and principles than a thousand average weak people.

      Secondly remember the time of your founding and how many it took to change the world. 30%! I don’t know the number today but I believe if we stand and act properly we can grow our movement and make God and freedom win!

      I pray you find the strength and courage to carry on. God Bless you!

  3. No, thank you John. And I haven’t lost heart and as long as I can comment on things that move me to a place where I cannot but comment, I will stand. With you. Be well.

    p.s. Ron instead of the longer version, if you will. LOL! It has been 40 years since I gave the longer version up.

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