Weekend Thought: Even When Things SUCK, Be THANKFUL!!!

Even when things suck, we should be thankful. I am been very sick this week and feel like crap each and every day. Despite this I think this week has been a huge blessing and I want to spend a moment being honest.

I really am a no-body. I am just an average Irish guy. I am not highly educated nor do I have a college degree. I am not smart. I am not good looking. I have no money. I am very little talent or skills. Yet I am blessed beyond belief every day that so many American patriots welcome me into their circles and that they have become my friends and my family.

I am blessed so many great people put up with me. One of these great folks is Andrew and in turn his wonderful wife Kelcy as he not only puts up with me, but he has welcomed me onto his radio show ‪#‎TheIntersection‬. This week has been amazing as we have the opportunity to interview both Pastor Rafael Cruz & Rabbi Lapin.You can listen here this evening only on WAAR at 9PM Eastern.

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However the good news did not stop there!!! I am so excited to announce that we will welcome someone I have long admired as we will welcome Tim Ballard of Operation Underground Railroad Rescue next Saturday as part of an amazing lineup of heroes for our Independence Day show.

No bad for an average guy like me. Now if someone like me can do this… IMAGINE WHAT YOU CAN DO!!! I am here tonight to testify two things to everyone.


Lastly we may lose battle after battle and freedom lost several battles this week, but make no mistake… The war has not even started yet! GOD, REAL freedom & REAL love win in the end!

God Bless each of you and please keep standing strong! #NeverAgainisNOW

P.S. I really have been very sick this week so I am very late answering direct messages and posts. Please forgive me and I promise to catch up with everyone asap. I love y’all!

4 thoughts on “Weekend Thought: Even When Things SUCK, Be THANKFUL!!!

  1. “The happiest people aren’t the ones who have the most of everything. The happiest people are the ones who make the most of what they have.”

    True statements but I believe you named the reason–blessings. They are always there, always around us if we but take the time to see them instead of just the problems. Those blessings are very important tools in dealing with our problems. They are food to strengthen our souls and reaffirmation that we do not face our problems alone. God does not give us all we want but what He wants which is all we NEED.

    Get better soon…may God continue to bless you that you may be a blessing to others.

    • AMEN!! I We must stop caring about whether God is on our side and start worrying about whether we are on God’s side because as Lincoln correctly stated, God is always right. God Bless you!

  2. Hope you are feeling better! So much going on in the states this week it would make anyone sick. Too many today feel entitled rather than content with God gives them. I’ve personally never been materialistic. But we live in a world that is. I am nobody either. I chose to be a stay at home mother. I’m thankful God gave me that blessing. There were times I felt I missed out, but the feeling changes. Hope you get to feeling better and God Bless.

    • Thanks for your well wishes. We all play a role in this world and I believe that being a mother is one of the most important. There are few things you can do in society more valuable than raising kid (s) that know how to think and that they question everything and raised with principles. Please don’t think this is not important. God Bless over you always Carol!

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